15 March 2009

Ray Warleigh at the BBC

It's time to do some more requests. In fact, I should actually spend more time doing requests, because it makes the whole selection process so much easier. This came from Olie who wanted a specific Ray Warleigh album which I unfortunately don't have. So, settling for the second best, here are two concerts recorded for the BBC with Ray Warleigh as a sideman.

Warleigh hasn't released much under his own name. His debut album was out in 1968, with sporadic releases throughout the 70s and then nothing up to this year's Rue Victor Massé, a duo recording with drummer Tony Marsh. The above pic is from an August 2008 concert with Marsh, courtesy of Sean Kelly at Flickr.

Most of his output has been as a sideman and the two concerts on offer here are no exceptions, the first led by Pat Smythe and the second by Alan Holdsworth.

Pat Smythe Quintet (with Allan Holdsworth)
BBC Broadcast
London 1980
presented by Peter Clayton

Pat Smythe - p
Ray Warleigh - as, fl
Allan Holdsworth - g
Chris Laurence - b
John Marshall - d

1. Letters of Marque 8.07
2. Announcer (Peter Clayton) 0.33
3. Reflection 5.56
3. Announcer 0.13
5. Out from Under 6.13
6. Announcer 0.25.
7. Steppes7.02

" Jazz In Britain "
London, UK
January 8, 1980
presented by Charles Fox

1. Announcer Intro
2. The Things You See When You Haven't Got Your Gun
3. Every Little Breeze
4. Sunday
5. Announcer Closing Comments

Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Gordon Beck - Piano
John O'Whey - Bass
Ray Warleigh - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
John Marshall - Drums

As for the line-up, a fairly well-known cast of characters with Warleigh, Holdsworth and Marshall the common denominators, regulars on the scene Pat Smythe and Gordon Beck on the piano chair and Chris Laurence and John O'Wey (less known to me) holding down the deep end.

Holdsworth has got a huge name in fusion, but on these dates, I don't sense any showoffy-ness typical of the genre, but two fine cohesive outfits where the individual contributions fit the whole. Composition duties are shared between Smythe and Holdsworth in the first set while all compositions are by Holdsworth for his own combo in the second set.

Fairly good sound on both sets, considering the time, but a bit of hiss on the second. It's always a delight to hear again the eminent jazz presenters Peter Clayton and Charles Fox, whose erudition never ceases to amaze.

I've got one Ray Warleigh as sideman in the offing, but have to do some vinyl transfer first, so stay tuned. It'll be slightly different from these two, but no less interesting for that.

As these are fairly short sets, they're both in lossless, but anyone is free to post mp3s in the comments section, should one so desire.


kinabalu said...
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wightdj said...

Thanks, Warleigh is a consummate musician who hasn't done enough sessions as a leader.

alifib said...

Great lines-up!!!
Thank you very, very, very much

fent99 said...

Many thanks for these, intrigued by the secong Holdsworh show and wondered if it could be posted?

kinabalu said...

Which second Holdsworth show? The one mentioned by Charles Fox in the announcer intro?

fent99 said...

the info file mentions a second show
" Jazz In Britain "
London, UK
October 20, 1981
just wondered if you had that too

kinabalu said...

Ah, I get it! I only posted the one with Ray Warleigh. Yes, I do have the other. Upcoming!

fent99 said...

Sorry for the confusion! Excellent thanks

john.jkd@gmail.com said...

thanks; there's not enough of these guys around so I look forward to hearing this. In particular, if you don't know it check out Ray Warleigh's new cd on Emanem, a great duo disc with Tony Marsh on drums.

Simon said...

Come & hear him live on 14th Feb in London. Details here:-

Don from Oregon said...

Thank You!
I love hearing rare Holdsworth!

mew23 said...

Re-upload of the original files:

Allan Holdsworth

Pat Symthe Quintet

Javier Roz said...

Thanks mew23!

bho wani said...

Yes, thanks a lot, Mew23 !

Anonymous said...

In the txt of the Holdsworth session it seems that there is another b.b.c session, track and musicians as follow:
" Jazz In Britain "
London, UK
October 20, 1981

6. Announcer Intro
7. White Line
8. Shallow Sea ( Excerpt )
9. Where Is One ?
10. Prayer / Drifting Into The Attack
11. Letters Of Marque
12. Announcer Closing Comments

Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Paul Carmichael - Bass
Gary Husband - Drums & Piano

but this has never been posted here, does someone have the session?