26 February 2009

Sam Rivers - The Quest

Responding to a request from Frank Wells, this is Sam Rivers - The Quest, a record out on the Red Record label in Italy and on the Pausa label in the US (both covers above), released in 1976. This is a trio recording with Dave Holland on bass and Barry Altschul on drums and percussion, old Braxton alumni, as it were, and here teaming up with Rivers. Recorded on 12-13 March 1976 in Milano, Italy. This is a mp3 download, ripped from vinyl, so no flacs for this one.

Only four pieces on this record:

1. Expectation
2. Vision
3. Judgement
4. Hope

Rivers shifts from soprano to flute to piano and tenor on the four tracks. He does a splendid job on both soprano and tenor saxes, fills in a lot of colour atmospherics on flute, though perhaps less of a chance to really shine here. I'm less sure about his piano playing. To me, it comes off a bit stiff and contrived and doesn't really gel with the two other guys, but that's just my opinion. It'll be interesting to know if others hear differently. Holland and Altschul are superb throughout. In my view, the first and the last tracks are the definite ones.

I've got some more Rivers in the archives, "Hues" from 1975, one live concert in Foggia, Italy, 1980 (no further info on who's playing - LYM - any idea?), and one live concert from Warsaw in 2000. Let me know if there's an interest in any or all of these - and I'll post them.


kinabalu said...



hulaboy said...

Thank you for this rarity from the master, and your live material is intriguing - please do post.

1009 said...

*Hues* is especially interesting -- one I've never seen or heard in the internets. But thanks for this meanwhile!

8mmbolex said...

fantastic! i consider this to be the historic trio lead by SR. (it was the trio WKCR reunited as the climax of their sam rivers festival, a triumphant performance). this was the group that seemed to anchor the scene at studio rivbea and was among the quintessential forces of the vibrant loft jazz scene in '70s NYC. the rarity of their recordings mystifies me so and i am extremely grateful for the post. more sam please. he is one of the most humble and one of the greatest.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, you always have good taste, and I appreciate the MP3's. Question, what's the best method for changing flac to MP3's. I'm new to this area. Are there shareware programs out there designed for this? Appreciate the shares. ~Mysterious Traveler

Frank Wells said...

Thank you for honoring this request! This session along with "Contrasts" from the new I Forgot Clifford blog has me happily filling in the gaps in my Rivers' 70's collection. As much as I like Rivers' Blue Note work, it's his 70's recordings that I most cherish. So, thank you!

Mysterious Traveler — the best (free) conversion software I've found is called Max. Right here:


It converts nearly any type of sound file to high quality mp3 using LAME encoding. I can't hear a difference between .flac files and converted files using this software. I highly recommend it.

Once more, my thanks to Inconstant Sol for letting me hear this great record again! And, for those interested, check out the Nothing Is blog to hear Rivers' wonderful trio recording entitled "Paragon."


kike hurtado said...

Dear Kinabalu

thank you very much for sharing this Sam Rivers's rare recording.

best regards, Kike.

Frank Wells said...

Original (?) Pausa cover here:


Anonymous said...

No, not the original cover who was the one exposed first here. The original records was produced by Red Records (Sergio Veschi, Alberto Alberti) and publish under licence by Pausa in USA. I think than Pausa has never publish an original record.

kinabalu said...

I've checked the Discogs entry and it's listed there as a Red Record release (VPA 106). So it looks as if this one was licensed for US release by Pausa. I'll put both covers in the main post.

sotise said...

Kinabalu... should you or anyone else need this in flac..let me know i have the record..cheers

kinabalu said...

sotise, that would be very much appreciated. You can mail me the links or put them here, whatever you prefer.

Marcus said...

Thanks a lot for this!

For the occasional Mac user out there: I'm using xAct for all my flac and shn dealings. Works like a dream and is free. It can be found on versiontracker.com


1009 said...

I'll second the request for FLACs of this one. I'll also second the recommendation of xAct. I know it's sacrilege to convert FLAC to mp3, but if you're already damned for other things you might as well.

Anonymous said...

Sam Rivers -the Quest FLACS


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the FLACs! This has been a favorite of mine since it was introduced to me at Church Number Nine. I hope it gets reissued someday...

inamorata said...

Thanks for this and all you do here... this is my favourite Sam Rivers recording in terms of communication and musicality. (I did a uncompressed and cleaned-up rip of the LP but I see it has been offered here already.) All further Sam Rivers is much appreciated.
- inamorata

soyo said...

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Anonymous said...

Got it, lost it, and getting it again! Many thanks.

David said...

Can this be reposted please? Thanks!