12 November 2008

Frank Lowe-Skizoke 1981(cjr lp 1007)

Another, excellent out of print Frank Lowe record, this was recorded at soundscape in 1981, its similar in style to say “exotic heartbreak” Lowe like a lot of his contemporaries at this juncture seemed to be re-examining jazz tradition.
And rediscovering his roots.
On certain tracks he sounds a heck of a lot like Don Byas in the late 40’s before his (Byas’s) tone hardened and developed a brittle edge.
On side two Lowe reintroduces some of the staccato chirps and growls, which Lester Bowie credited him with being the first to introduce on the tenor sax.
The choice track for me here is the finale “close to the soul”.. Butch Morris and the rhythm section are very fine, and vibes and guitar make for an interesting at times ethereal contrast to Lowe and Morris’s funkier much more gut bucket approach.
A special album for me.. Just don’t expect the extent of non linear freedom as on “the flam” and “fresh”

It’s a dark toned recording ..not the best sound ,by todays standards ..you may want to boost the treble while listening.
Check the archives for more unpublished and out of print Lowe...

Frank Lowe-tenor sax
Butch Morris-cornet
Damon Choice-vibes
Larry Simon-guitar
Wilbur Morris-bass
Tim Pleasant--drums
recorded at Soundscape N.Y.C 31st of march 1981



sotise said...

Mp3 vbr


folly for to see what said...
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folly for to see what said...

Hi Sotise!
After read your intro this looks very interesting, appetizing… And with this crew…
I'm going to listen right now!

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Downloading now - really looking forward to this - thanks again for a great site.

zebtron said...

Thanks Sotise--this looks interesting. Not familiar with the vibist or guitarist.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sotise. This one slipped under my radar too.

Anonymous said...

Good one. Love those early CJR LPs. Two other favorites worth finding if you can: William Hooker The Colour Circle, and Flaherty/Colbourne Endangered Species. There were a bunch of other great looking titles issued back then on this label that I couldn't afford at the time and have not been reissued on cd.

sotise said...

Anon..why not share those right here..i'd love to hear them, if you ever want to do that ..
contact me here dipmong@hotmail.com

i also have a Beaver Harris album on cadence..but its really beaten up and scratchy..so perhaps not worth sharing.

Ford MF said...

Wow, thanks so much. Always grateful for more Lowe.

wightdj said...

Excellent band, great share. Thanks.

sotise said...

fresh link, as of 27-9-2011
tracked, volume raised..better pics
FLAC http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BSX58WQ4

soundstones said...

Larry SImon is a NY guitarist/composer who has played with Lester Bowie, Leon Thomas, Lamonte Young, Rhys Chatham, Julius Hemphill, Rosco Gordon, David Amram, David Sanborn, and many others. He currently does a lot of work with poetry and music.

Damon Choice was a member of Sun Ra's group.

Nick said...

Hi Sotise. I just bought a brand new sealed copy from Cadence in their sale, so I guess this isn't actually OOP.

sotise said...

new link-017
, includes improved pics