13 November 2008

Albert Mangelsdoff & Lee Konitz -DUO-11th of march 1982-Hannover Germany

A wonderful.. Concert sent by B… For those who love the “art of the duo” album on enja .
This concert features a lot of the same material.. and much more.
Highlights for me specifically are ..a stunning version of “she’s as wild as the springtime”
Dukes “mood indigo” … an expressive articulate conversation between old friends with a lot of shared history.

Albert Mangelsdoff & Lee Konitz -DUO-982-03-11
NDR Jazz workshop
Hannover, Kleiner Sendesaal des Funkhaus.

1 .-A minor blues In f
2 .-Ansage LK
3 .-Mississippi mud
4 .-She's as wild as springtime
5 .-Rootie toot
6 .-Mood indigo
7 .-Body and soul
8 .-Hannover Square
9 .-KoMa
10 .-Just friends
11 .-About time we looked at this (cut)
12 .- Duo love call

TT 78.08

Albert Mangelsdorff -- Trombone
Lee Konitz Alto Sax

Flacs only for this one ..unless someone desperately needs the low quality.
Thanks to the original Tapers/Seeders / traders


sotise said...


zebtron said...

Thanks for this one Sotise. I'm a big fan of "Art of the Duo". Hoping this is more of the same.

sotise said...

zeb..hope you enjoy it (i think its outstanding, sound is great )..thanks for all y'r great shares

Boromir said...

This a fantastic recording sotise. I wonder how many different duo combinations Mangelsdorf played in throughout his career (and Konitz come to that). A task for the discographers.

Anonymous said...


beautiful, brother. thanks for this and so much other great konitz (and everything else here). One from the discography I've never seen: Self-Portrait, all multi-tracked. Have you ever heard this one?

I look forward to listening to this duo,


sotise said...

@The prez, a pleasure ...
i dont think i have heard konitz's multi-tracked album.. i do have lone-lee, but thats the only solo ive heard, Konitz has such a vast discography.

matt w said...

Great stuff, thanks for posting it. funny that they do "mississippi mud" which Bix Beiderbeck and Bing Crosby did!

carlo87 said...


wightdj said...

Very compatible pair of improvisers. Thanks for sharing.

Jazzrealities said...

Many thanks. Both played the following day at the Black Forest. Great concert as well. I was there.

martin70bcn said...

link for part 3 is dead!

can you please post a new link for this part?


mpaul1313 said...

wonderful recording. such a pity that link #3 is dead so I can enjoy only first 6 songs. even that is a great pleasure. if you have the time to re-upload #3 it would be greatly appreciated.

JC said...

Thanks. These are all now dead links. Can anyone please repost this set?