5 July 2008

John Carter & Bobby Bradford quartet- secrets 1972 (revelation lp 18)FLAC & lame

many thanks to "serviceton" for providing this wonderful album, i am grateful to have a clean and intact version of this.
on the day that i bought my copy 15 years ago from a second hand record store ,there i was smugly walking back to the train station thinking what a lucky score to have nabbed it in mint condition for a few bucks , when suddenly i bumped into a pole and dropped the bag the lp was in , it fell hard onto the concrete and subsequently rolled into the gutter , chipping the edge making the first track on either side unplayable.

serviceton says
“2 records were released on Revelation Records by the Carter / Bradford group.
The 1st, from 1969 and credited to the New Art Jazz Ensemble was entitled 'Seeking' and is the record that was re-released by HatArt on the early 90's.

The *other* Revelation LP came out in 1972, and is titled "Secrets'. It's never been put on CD, which is a pity as it's a warm & intelligent jazz record.

the personnel is
john carter- clarinet, alto sax
Bobby Bradford- tpt,
nate morgan or bill henderson- pno
Louis Spears or Henry Franklin- db
Ndugu or Bruz Freeman- dr

btw/ if there's any demand serviceton and i , both have more out of print john carter material.



sotise said...

Secrets - John Carter / Bobby Bradford


htakat said...

My favorite clarinetist with all these great musicians ,what else ,thanks a lot again ..

gsrbrts2 said...

"btw/ if there's any demand serviceton and i , both have more out of print john carter material."

Sotise, Serviceton:

Thanks for this. AND THERE IS A GREAT DEMAND!!!!


Steve said...

More demand right here.

the jazzman said...

Are you "gsrbrts2" who posted on CIA looking for "Now's The Time" saying it was for Dorothy Dodgian?

If you are, go here (http://thejazzman4133.blogspot.com/) and say so in the comments section on the right hand side of the page and announce yourself. I will subsequently (if not sooner) post "Now's The Time".

I can't give you info on CIA as Rab apparently no longer likes me and takes my comments down.

This is for Dorothy.

Do not post my link at CIA.

Kris Tiner said...

More demand! MORE DEMAND!!!

Thanks for posting this one!

centrifuge said...

thanks guys! nice one serviceton... and yes, more demand from this corner also :) - big admirer of mr carter.

Wallofsound said...

Thanks, Guys. I'm thrilled to be able to listen to this one. And more OOP Carter would be very much appreciated.

gsrbrts2 said...

JAZZMAN: Please see my post in the blog that you quoted. Thanks in advance,


charles said...

Thanks so much...I got a vinyl copy this used that was already so tormented that it is actually painful to listen to. I have been searching for his 1977 Echoes from Rudolph's and also Bobby Bradford's Lost In LA for some time now...hint, hint... anyway, thanks!

Anonymous said...

A long lost Carter?!! And you say there are more? OH MY!! Many, many thanks.

ubu said...

Thanks a lot, this looks wonderful!

A minor question, however: the timings on the back cover would suggest tracks 1 and 2 are coming in wrong order? Or are the timings on the LP exchanged and in error?

serviceton said...

the track titles are correct - the timings should be reversed.

When Bobby Bradford issued the 'Love's Dream' album on Emanem, 'Rosevita's Dance' had become 'Roswita's Dance'

charles, you have been searching for Bradford's 'Lost in L.A.'.
Do you have any money?

The good thing is - you will not need much!
It is available still on Soul Note.
Giovanni Bonandrini, who runs Black Saint/Soul Note is a guy *worth paying your money to*.
He has supported this music and recorded a staggering array of wonderful musicians for over 20 years.
And.. - best of all, should anyone buy Lost in LA - Bobby Bradford himself will get paid.
This is a great thing.
Ultimately, it's not really about money - it's about respect, and what value we place on our artists, and their art.
But in the capital-based world we live in, we MUST pay our artists for their art that we value - otherwise we condemn it to wither on the vine.
It's important.

Lost in L.A. (Soul Note 1983)

'Artists Listing'
[Boggle your Mind!!]

'Vinyl for OldSkool Crate Diggers'

Love's Dream - Bobby Bradford (Emanem 1973)

John Carter and Bobby Bradford on Emanem label (available!)

peace, n' stuff

charles said...

I realized that Lost in LA was on Soul Note and hence available moments after posting this...I was going to post the fact here too, but you beat me to it. I totally agree that Bradford should get paid! Thanks for the links and great blog in general.

matt w said...

Thanks for posting this. Interesting to hear Carter with a pianist -- think his only other recordings with keyboards in his own band are with Don Preston on the last three Roots & Folklore albums, though he recorded as a sideman with Horace Tapscott and Richard Grossman -- I could be wrong though.

ubu said...

Thanks for your reply, serviceton!

I've got a bunch of boots, might put some up on my blog eventually, but I don't have much time at the moment, alas.

tmorange said...

many thanks!!

anyone out there have "Flight For Four" (Flying Dutchman FDS-108) and "Self Determination Music" (Flying Dutchman FDS-128)? would love to hear...

DonNewcombe said...

I also want to become part of the demand. It would be nice to put all those Polygram albums of Carter's that seemed like suites together as one set. There was so much covered in those albums.

genezyp said...

Oh this is sooo nice... I always knew I'd learn a lot through this site. Up until now, I was quite sure Bradford and Carter released as few as two (or maybe three) albums together. It's good to know that isn't true :)

Tenor_Freak said...

Yes please post some more - I saw these two masters live once many years ago in duo and that was quite something to behold.

Alan said...

Many thanks for this. Haven't listened to it yet but I love Seeking so am looking forward to this one.

Chuck P. said...

I know I'm really late to the game on this, but I've been trying to find some of John Carter's releases at record stores and I'm having difficulty finding anything. If you've rehosted some of these downloads elsewhere, please let me know at your earliest convenience. John Carter has become one of my favorites! Thanks.

MarkS said...

This hasn't been announced yet, but Mosaic Records is working on a 3 CD set of all the Carter/Bradford material on Revelation - including Secrets, the 6 cuts from Seeking (as previously rereleased on Hat), plus other tracks found in the Revelation-era archives, and an unreleased recording Jonathan Horwich did of them in LA in 1979. (I guess Hat's 2006 re-release of Seeking is already out of print...& there's never been a proper re-release of Secrets)

Frank said...

Thanks a million for the very hip John Carter / bobby Bradford material!