22 June 2008

steve lacy- esthilacos ,live in lisbon 1972 FLAC , and LAME

here's an interesting ,generally fine and pretty free performance recorded by Lacy's regular group during a brief visit to Portugal in 1972.

this finds Irene Aebi sticking to cello throughout, as well as twiddling the knobs of a shortwave radio MEV style, steve Potts's playing is probably what makes this a treasure for me.
he's always good value and here he particularly tears it up.
the sound quality though very listenable is far from being pristine.
nice to hear a group version of cloudy, something lacy recorded to wondrous effect a few times , most notably on quark/emanems live at the chene noir from the same year.
this was broadcast on the portugese radio show cinqo minutas de jazz, and has also appeared on cd under that name.

this rip is taken from the 1996 strauss cd.. which appears to have been on the market for only a short time.
sorry about the lack of scans and notes.. my scanner is broken.



1/ Stations (Lacy) 6:00
2/ Chips, Moon, Dreams (Lacy) 12:42
3/ No Baby (Lacy) 8:29
4/ The Highway (Lacy) 10:32

Recorded live at Cinema Monumental, Lisbon, February 29, 1972

Steve Lacy: soprano; Steve Potts: alto; Irene Aebi: cello, radio transis-
tor on (1), harmonica on (2); Kent Carter: bass; Noel Mghie: drums, per-

???? - Sassetti-Guilda-da-Musica (Portugal), 11403001 (LP)
1996 - Strauss (Portugal), ST1087 (CD)


sotise said...

Mp3 vbr


1009 said...

thanks thanks thanks sotise! as you know i've been looking forward to hearing this. picked up esteem (the atavistic cd) a month or two ago. at first i was tempted to file it away as yet another live recording put out to score some cash, but potts is absolutely insane on that disc. you have to give the group some time to build, but build they do, & persuasively.

again, i appreciate this quite a bit. thanks.

htakat said...
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htakat said...

THANKS A LOT for this wonderful post ,i just hear it and steve lacy is amazing here

Anonymous said...

I've been hunting certain old Lacy-LPs for years, and this is among the still missing ones. Thanks a lot for this one!

ABE said...

Great! Thanks for this, it's a great session - the radio part is interesting to listen to and adds quite a bit to the overall sound and concept, but is just as easy to ignore. "easy listening" i suppose...
Meanwhile, i've got some catching up to do on these posts! Grachan Moncur, here I come!

DonNewcombe said...

I don't why I've been so late to notice it, but Noel Mcghie just kills it on those albums he recorded with Waldron and Lacy. He keeps the beat really elastic while still allowing ample space for everyone else. Is that album of his that was reissued recently worth picking up?

marten512 said...

Is this the first time Steve Potts appears with Lacy on vinyl? It's amazing stuff, thank you.

DoctorPepperOz said...

When I download this it has 5 tracks and goes for over five hours. How come?

Vasco Deusodá said...

Fabulous ... next 28 February 2012 it will be 40 years this was recorded.