21 June 2008

Billy Bang at Kuumbwa Jazz Center FLAC MP3 pics

               Billy Bang Quartet


            Kuumbwa Jazz Center, Santa Cruz, CA

            November, 11,2004


Billy Bang - violin 

Muziki Roberson - piano

Todd Nicholson – bass

Darell Green - drums



            01   Yo, Ho Chi Minh is in the House              12:21

02    Mr Syms                                                    12:11

03    Moments for KIAMIA                                08:31

04   At Play in the Field of the Lord                09:41



My recording made with a Shure mic, Sony  DAT, edited w WavLab.


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hookfinger said...

So cool - thanks a lot

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sotise said...

this is great gsrbrts.. thank you for this very fine first contribution... the local band bang uses here are relatively unknown , but do a fine job.. cheers to you

sotise said...

what i meant to say was ..that the fact they are not well known shouldnt put anyone here off..this is great music, ive always loved bang playing coltrane.. one of the more convincing interpreters.
valve number 10 on soulnote is one of my very favourites.

gsrbrts2 said...

erwarYou're right, Sotise, in fact I chatted after the first set with Billy and mentioned how impressive the pianist and drumemr were, bioth from Oakland, CA. He replied that he was trying to get them to move to NY. Todd is from NY and has been has been his bass player for years.

twing:kling said...

Many thanks for posting this! I'm still in the process of discovering Billy Bang, but this live set made a big impression. Thankfully I had the opportunity to catch his latest quartet at the Earshot Jazz Festival in Seattle this past Sunday. One of the best jazz performances I've ever attended, and that covers a lot of ground. Billy chose mostly material from the 'Aftermath' session, and it seemed as if he was channeling late 60's Coltrane to do battle with his Vietnam-era demons... intense music to say the least. The line-up:

Billy Bang - violin
Andrew Bemkey - piano
Todd Nicholson - bass
Newman Taylor-Baker - drums

Taylor-Baker and Bemkey were also outstanding. Now I need to track down recordings by both...

zeca74 said...

Thank you very much