12 April 2008

Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra feat. Anthony Braxton

Another quick one, for Sotise this time. This is the Roscoe Mitchell Creative Orchestra, featuring Anthony Braxton and recorded live at the Konfrontationen '84, more specifically at the Jazzgalerie, Restaurant Falb (outside in the court yard), Nickelsdorf, Austria on 30. June 1984.

One contiguous piece only, lasting close to one hour.

Line - up:

Anthony Braxton - as,cond
Roscoe Mitchell - as,ss,bs,fl
Anthony Holland - as, bs
Faruq Z.Bey - ts
Michael Mossmann - tp, flh
Pinguin Moschner - tuba
Conny Bauer - tb
Johannes Bauer - tb
Martin Mayes - horns
Ursula Opens - p
Spencer Barefield - g
Susanna Heilmeyer - vla
Richard Teitelbaum - synth
Jaribu Shahid - b, eb
Ponda O'Bryan - perc
Tanni Tabbal - dr

This is a dense, orchestral piece which shifts across several moods and passages, some rooted in jazz, others in collective improvisation and yet others in formally composed contemporary music. As such it may be representative of the AACM philosophy of not recognising any stylistic boundaries in music, drawing as much on the Afro-American jazz tradition as on the European classical-contemporary tradition. Mitchell and Braxton were (and are) explicit exponents of this worldview, at the risk of not being fully accepted by either camp. But they know what they're doing and are fully able to defend themselves. Needless to say, perhaps, I'm in full sympathy with this view and with the deconstruction of artificial boundaries in music.

By the way, George Lewis has now published his book on the AACM which can be found here:

Braxton and Lewis up next, but that won't be quick as it's back to the vinyls again ...


kinabalu said...

High-quality mp3s here:



These were posted on Dime as lossless files, so I do have them in the flac audio format, but for the sake of convenience at this point, posted here as 320 kbps mp3 which still is pretty good quality.

sotise said...

thanks so much for this , and the preceding posts.
this aacm thread is gorgeous!!

sotise said...

is ayone having problems with this file winrar tells me its corrupt, renaming isnt helping..
any solutions
has anyone sucessfuly downloaded this and unpacked it?

kinabalu said...


I downloaded it just to test it out and see what was the matter. There's only one long file in the folder, so the solution is, if you're using WinRar, first to click on the folder and then to click on the file and it will be extracted without any problems.

kinabalu said...

The problem might be that there's only one file with the same name as the folder. However, once the file is extracted, it may not be entirely obvious where it will be saved, so it's possible one may to do a search to find it. On my disk, it got lodged in a temporary folder. Hey, it's not supposed to be easy :-)

kinabalu said...

Another way of doing it is to right-click on the folder, select "Extract without confirmation" and it will be extracted just fine. There could be yet other ways of doing it, but those are the ones I've found so far.

kinabalu said...

Well, there is a third way of extracting the file, which works, too, but I recommned using the procedure in the message above.

sotise said...

kinabalu thanks for the pointers , but nothing is working ,on this pc, using the above methods extraction commences but will not complete, the error window pops up and says file is corrupt.

i find that "the extract without confirmation technique' ,only works for files that have a name exceding that allowed by winrar.
ive used it quite a bit.. a corrupt file is something else again.

is winrar telling you the file is corrupt,during the extraction process?

ive downloaded twice , same problem both occasions.

could be we are using different versions of winrar.. even a subscriber vers of winzip doesnt work.

jazzme said...

I had problems as well , opened file and double clicked on the actual line instead of unpacking and it went directly to my windows player , just dropped by to say hi and let you guys know I did find Bill Laswell material i can actually appreciate ( RE : our messages from the earlier Derek Bailey post ) Steve

kinabalu said...


no, the file is not corrupt as "jazzme" found out.

Anyhow, I did a little tweaking to get at what I thought might be the problem, reupped the files, downloaded them, checked them again and everything worked according to normal procedures.

Try these links instead:



or alternatively



sotise said...

thank you
whatever you did it worked.

daniel said...

last august I had the chance to see, for the first time, a Roscoe Mitchell's solo performance here in my city.
I can tell you all it was one of my deepiest experiences with sound ever in my life.

totally awesome!!
amazing sounds!

hope you guys could re-up this session if possible
and, please, let me know if you do

thanks a lot
keep up inconstant sol.!!