17 April 2008

James Carter Organ Trio - Live Montreal 2002

I'm a bit short of time, so I'll be brief with this.


James Carter Organ Trio
Jazz Festival
July 4, 2002

Disc 1:
1) (19:04)
2) (22:00)
3) (12:07)
Total: (53:11)

Disc 2:
1) (19:42)
2) (27:30)
Total: (47:12)

James - reeds
Gerald Gibbs - organ
Leonard King - drums

For those who are not familiar with James Carter, he played in Lester Bowies bands, particularly in the New York Organ Ensemble, which may explain why he decided to form his own mini version. If you like the Hammond B3 organ, you'll love this. If you don't, well Carter is phenomenal so just shut your ears to the organ. Myself, I love it.

Unknown lineage, perhaps a soundboard recording. The quality is excellent. Thanks to seeder.
Link in comments, MP3 - I have flac, but it's quite a big upload and I'm not sure how popular this will be.


Boromir said...

Link (VBR)


Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for posting this. He's great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

FLAC is always appreciated, though.

Mr Weird

Anonymous said...

Aha! Now let's see if this is REAL music!!!

jeff said...

yes - thank you for this. I love James Carter. I've seen this band a number of times, and he never fails to put out some great music, at least to my ears. and thanks for posting it in Mp3 - it makes life so much easier. can't wait to listen.

giu said...

Thanks! It's beatiful to go on with this Chicago thing. After Roscoe Mitchell & Braxton Carter is cool. He is not from Chicago but he is very close to that sounds...he played also with Art ensemble..
so thanks!!!

jazzme said...

Should be interesting not he biggest James Carter fan but willing to give it a chance as I do enjoy Shirly Scott records , this could be promising .

Wallofsound said...

This is great, Boromir. I'm a JC and organ trio supporter, so I have loved the first play through.

The rars didn't encode the metadata very well. According to the unpacked files I got two hour tracks in 32kps. I've reformatted it into AAC and all is fine now.

Thanks for sharing.

Once I've got everything on my new computer working I'll post some more stuff. Sorry you haven't had any shared from me for a while.

Boromir said...

Glad you're a fan of Carter's.

I just tried unpacking thet rar file I posted and got exactly the same file properties as I packed. Perhaps you have a different version of winrar. I know there are some incompatibilities between some compression programs. Also as the files are VBR (and don't have a VBR header) explorer won't give you an accurate duration value.

John V said...

Boromir-great post! I love Carter and this is smokin'!!! Thanks so much for this!

John V.

serviceton said...

I've both listened to James Carter and enjoyed him, AND listened to James Carter and been bored....
Which, far as I can tell, just shows me to be capricious and cloth-eared...

JC fans should enjoy this concert of his quartet from 1995 (No organs here though!)
Nearly 2 1/2 hours of music.
Sound is a good-ish audience recording
MP3s - LAME 320


Details got left out of the RARs and are copied verbatim here
"James Carter
Espace Julien
Marseille, France
1995, November 2002

James Carter - soprano (#02), alto (#07, 08) & tenor (#03-05, 09, 10) saxophones
Craig Taborn - piano
Jaribu Shahid - bass
Tani Tabbal - drums

1st Set (58'39)
01 - introduction - 01'01
02 - 1944 Stomp (D.Byas) - 14'49
03 - - 11'01
04 - - 14'34
05 - The Stevedore's Serenade - 17'13

2nd Set (79'44)
06 - introduction - 00'39
07 - - 24'12
08 - The Intimacy Of My Woman's Beautiful Eyes (J.Carter) - 23'20
09 - Worried And Blue (D.Byas) - 14'22
10 - JC On The Set (J.Carter) - 17'10

Total Time: 138'23

This from a torrent - "berbilbe" is the credit-worthy individual

Hope someone enjoys.

Boromir said...

Thanks for that post serviceton, I'll put it on the front page. I have the same concert and can vouche that it's every bit as good as the organ trio.

serviceton said...

had the thought boromir, that perhaps this one might not be 'mainpage material' for many happy i-sol campers. (All that Trad!)
and I'd hate to break the AACM / Chicago flow that's happening there too...

Just a thought - defer to your preference of course.

bravo juju said...

Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

much appreciated !
please re up in flac
it will be pop.

many thanks

mew23 said...

James Carter Organ Trio - Montreal 2002 (mp3)
James Carter Quartet - Marseille 1995 (mp3)

francisco santos said...