31 March 2008

Muhal Richard Abrams- spiral live at montreux 1978 arista novus lp 3007 flac and lame

Muhal Richard Abrahms has long been a favourite of mine, the founder of the AACM as well as the fabled experimental band which spawned the likes of the art ensemble of Chicago and brought to light so many great, beloved talents.

What can one say, reviews of this album have not always been kind.
Although often acknowledged as a great composer/bandleader I feel abrahms is unjustly undervalued as an improvising pianist.
I like this album a lot.
This has never had even a whiff of reissue as far as I know .
But then again both the arista and novus holdings of contemporary ‘post free’ jazz languish un reissued in obscurity, including essential braxton, lacy, abrahms, threadgill records.
no lavish mosaic box sets with immaculate annotated booklets for this motley crew

Spiral- live at montreux July 22 1978 arista novus 3007 lp

Side one- d song, string song.
Side two- voice song

Muhal Richard Abrahms- piano, gongs and cymbals


sotise said...

Lame vbr-


Anonymous said...

Amazing and unique work of share in this beautiful place...and for
that, have a blessed Life.
Thank you.


il angelo said...

A great album, peaking to his very best. Thanks.

serviceton said...

I too, wish you to have a blessed life sotise, for posting this..
Muhal Richard Abrams is wonderful. Too often seen as just some 'progenitor' or father-figure ("Founded AACM blah blah") - and not enough listened to, in my view.
Harmonically, texturally, even structurally, MRA's music is never less than interesting and frequently much, much better than that.
If you download this and enjoy it, you must go out and buy some other Abrams records (or stay in and buy 'em if you like)
Happily (even unusually!) - most are still in print
Well over a dozen on the wonderful Black Saint label
ALL of these are worthwhile, with some, like 'Hearinga Suite' & 'Sightsong' being minor masterpieces.
The 3 Delmarks under his own name are reissued

And that's about it for the 60's and 70's save for a record of solo piano on the Japanese 'Why Not' label (briefly issued too on India Navigation).
- And 2 albums on Arista Novus in 1978. As you point out sotise, these are probably in no danger of being issued any time soon.

2nd of the 2 is called Lifea Blinec. It's a quintet w/ Joseph Jarman, Douglas Ewart, Amina Claudine Meyers and Thurman Barker.

Cover scans included.

hope someone enjoys.

sotise said...

seviceton, no need to wonder i shall certainly enjoy it!
and i throughly agree that his black saint sequence is exquisite.
those on new world are also exellent.. thank you so much for this post.
if you dont mind in a few days when i resume the quota of computer use my girlfriend allows, i shall download this and make a post of it( featuring the cover scan).

i also have a solo concert traded on dime which is comparable to the montreux gig above which ive been thinking would make a great post.

i only gave the aacm progenitor spiel to brief younger people who may not know of his many fine achievements, to me he's one of the great 20th century composer/improvisors, and most importantly who's body of work consitantly thrills and nourishes
the spirit.

i think many people come to this blog expecting pure energy music ,or the sort of stuff termed spiritual ecstatic etc.. the coltrane, ayler ,wright stream.
i like that of course , but there's much more to the picture.

Tantris said...

Great posts - thanks sotise and serviceton. Can I also mention his 1976 duets with Anthony Braxton, which are sublime.

Frédito said...

Now listening to this solo concert, and looking forward to the Lifea Blinec album ; thanks gentlemen Sotise and Serviceton

grasprelease said...

Super late thanks for this amazing share! Cheers

zardoz1984 said...

Any hope to see those links alive again? I'm just in a Muhalmania & so eager to hear Spiral. Remember seeing Abrams in solo during late 70's, a long beautiful set by that friendly & undersung musician. Great to discover those Italian concerts too: Live in Rome is a beauty!
Infinite thanks to you & our man Riccardo & every sharing soul from that wonderful blogosphere.

serviceton said...

Here is a new link for the original FLACs - as posted March 08 - of Spiral


zardoz1984 said...

Many thks Serviceton for the new year's gift but, too bad: I was in the middle of health issues & could only come back to inconstant sol very recently! After MU locking, multiupload has closed too… So I couldn't download that Abrams' concert with the link you so kindly reuploaded. Any chance to see it again with a valid link? Would be great. Anyway thks for all the sharings upon IS cloud of freedom.

serviceton said...

zardoz, I was in a record shop last month and happened upon a sealed copy of this. Would you like to wait for a clean rip - could do one for you? The March 2008 files are good, but a little rough in spots. Sorry to hear of your ill health.

zardoz1984 said...

Would be very kind of you, Serviceton! Thks too for worrying about my health, things are quieter now & music is a great strength of life.
And, yes, I can wait: got many (every?) black saint real –not virtual!– CD's of MRA & there is always something new to discover in them…

By the way, another longtime favorite of mine is Wadada Leo Smith & I'm looking after two very old ones uploaded here that I became aware of too late:

– Leo Smith, Roscoe Mitchell, Joseph Jarman- live at the hot house, chicago june 15 2000 (quite a team!)

– PETER KOWALD, BOBBY NAUGHTON, LEO SMITH, GUNTER SOMMER LIVE AT WDR KOLN 3/12/81 in FLAC: the flac are in 3 parts & only the 1st is still working

Of course I'll leave a message in the requests section but if Sotise or you could to something about it, would be great! Enjoy your life & I hope I can give you back someday part of your generosity. Peace.

PS: there are two other more recent ones by ricardo plagued by the multiupload syndrome:

Wadada Leo Smith & Günter "Baby" Sommer - Live in Padua '11

Matthew Shipp & Günter "Baby" Sommer - Live in Pavia '11

riccardo said...

Wadada Leo Smith & Günter "Baby" Sommer - Live in Padua '11 > new links