31 March 2008

Famoudou Don Moye "Sun Percussion volume one" (1975, AECO 001) FLAC

A Chicago musicians series would not be complete without at least one record from the Art Ensemble, so here is the first LP on the group's own AECO label. It seems that this imprint was used first as a mean of publishing the first album-lenght solo works by the group's members, Don Moye opening the series with the present percussion LP, followed by Joseph Jarman's "Sunbound" (AECO 002) and Malachi Favors' "The Natural and the Spiritual" (AECO 003). Roscoe Mitchell had also issued his "Solo Saxophone Concerts" on Sackville the year before the beginning of the series. Could somebody who has heard the four albums comment and tell us if there is or not a significant relationship between them ?


Please note that the Jarman title is still available in .mp3 at Nothing Is :

And that the AECO label is also still in activity and has reissued some of the LPs on CD, in addition to the new recordings done along the years :


nad3170 said...

Only .flac this time, hope somebody will be kind enough to provide the .mp3 conversion but if not I'll do it later.

Famoudou Don Moye "Sun Percussion volume one" :

Looking for the other solo albums cited in the main post in .flac, please share if possible !

gd said...

id love mp3's if and when you get the chance.
thanks a bunch!

Elastic Rock said...

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Thanks an keep on your splendid work.
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jazzme said...

I will post mp3 links tomorrow some time cheers Steve

sotise said...

elastic rock, thank you and thank you for those great concerts.

i recommend a visit to elastic rock to anyone interested in quality interesting fusion things like emergency , not the insipid stuff.
as well as canterbury stuff like soft machine and henry cow.. wonderful music.

jazzme said...

these are mp3 links for this post in individual tracks I do not know how to put them in one file but here they are in order I hope this helps Steve http://www.mediafire.com/?4em0czejzpy http://www.mediafire.com/?oauuxbzjxmv http://www.mediafire.com/?gzywyexms9s http://www.mediafire.com/?1vuoeac4xnd http://www.mediafire.com/?yne1njujdzu http://www.mediafire.com/?zhgehxoedym http://www.mediafire.com/?mjsywemblig Sorry about individual links but I hope this helps Cheers Steve

M.R. said...

Sorry to say but the links to mediafire don' t work here.

jazzme said...

I deleted these links tried uploading again twice but they keep getting deleted . If I have some time I might try again . Steve

nad3170 said...

Hey Steve, thanks for the work involved in converting the .flacs. To put them in one file it is quite simple, you need to have an application capable of dealing with .rar files which I assume you have as you are able to unpack our uploads. With Windows and WINRAR or most of these softs, all you have to do it to select the files at once, right click on them then choose "add to archive". Then type the name of the compressed file and click on "compress" or equivalent.
Regarding the upload, here's a list of services that can hold your files :

Hope this help,

sambeck2001 said...

Great Music.

Thank you very much for making this available. Archeology of music ancient to the future.
But i wasn't satisfied with the edit. So, i hope it is ok, that i reworked the files a little bit. Pierre? :-D

I restored the lp rip from the flacs, did some small cuts and new track marks.
converted to mp3@192kbps:



nad3170 said...

Absolutely no problem Sam and great initiative :) , but you shouldn't have bothered as the rip is not very good. I hope to post another copy once I'll have purchased the vinyl myself ... this one was passed on to me and was recorded too loud and therefore clips a little.


lee said...

some delay in finally getting around to this one, but thanks again for posting.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone post from Malachi Favors "The Natural and the Spiritual" I hope to see this rare stuff!

steve said...

Hello all . . . many thanks for your efforts on this site. A repost of Sun Percussion would be really appreciated. I prefer mp3 but FLAC is okay too. Many thanks from Tejas.

steve said...

Thanks again for all you do on this site. I requested a reup on this back in August. Please forgive me for asking again. I would really like to hear this. Happy New Year to all and thanks again for sharing on inconstant sol.

Anonymous said...

if it is ok with this one, i can provide a new link here, just let me know


Anonymous said...

new links:


steve said...

OMG! I JUST NOW NOTICED THIS!!! I had asked a time or two and had given up as I did not see it on the front page! Thank you so much Igor!

francisco santos said...