6 February 2008

Masayuki Takayanagi & Kaoru Abe "Mass Projection" & "Gradually Projection" (1970, DIW-424/425) FLAC

Here are two of Abe's earliest recordings, dating from 1970. Takayanagi plays electric guitar and Abe alto sax, a Japanese flute called shakuhachi (used here with a reed) and on the second disc bass clarinet and harmonica (!) are added. Note that in order to recreate the original schedule of the concert, the Gradually Projection disc should be played between the two pieces of the Mass Projection disc.
Anyway, I'd recommend to listen first to Gradually Projection as it is the less agressive of the two (with particularly beautiful bass clarinet work) ... Mass Projection can be filed under the "very hardcore" etiquette so be prepared. Take a look at this screenshot of the disc's two tracks opened in Sound Forge which should give you a good idea [http://i29.tinypic.com/i6au02.jpg]. Hehe.

To conclude, here's a link to informative reviews of Abe records written in the Opprobrium magazine, with a piece on Mass Projection [http://tinyurl.com/2omz36] and a link to a discography [http://tinyurl.com/3xvubx].


PS : I am looking for the "Live at Gaya" box set, so please get in touch if you can help !


nad3170 said...

Mass Projection (FLAC) :
Gradually Projection (FLAC) :

Sorry, no MP3 but it is already quite long to upload 8 times 100 MO. Maybe later.

Jazz-Nekko said...


Abe Kaoru was a very talented and troubled artist, and his circle of friends/lovers didn't exactly 'help' him overcome his illness.

The "Live at Gaya Set" is one mean S.O.B. to appreciate - let alone approaching some form of his vision or understanding. In November last year I attended an gallery/private live and took the opportunity spoke to Umezu about Abe. He spoke of "Live at Gaya" as one of his favourite Abe outings because of the raw emotional output on display; Umezu said it was nearly unthinkable for any Japanese artist to put this up front. He did say however, that without Abe-san's energy, Japanese jazz would have never been able to move forward - big words. . .



sotise said...

pierre ...this is an outstanding first post thank you so much, and welcome if i could help you out with live at gaya i'd post it ,unfortunately i dont have it ,if we are lucky perhaps jazz nekko will post it at the devils jazz pit.

many thanks for this.

Jazz-Nekko said...

Pierre and other Abe fans:

about your desire to have that "Live at Gaya" 10-cd set, genrally here in Japan, at least, the set is NEVER sold together. one has to collect the individual volumes and purchase like so. each volume is currently, if available, around $30 (x10) . . .you do the math.

To brighten up any disappointed fans - an 7' video of Abe-san playing around the late '70s:



1009 said...

eeeeeeeeeeee! (or should i say "skreeeeeeeeeee!")

thank you thank you thank you pierre! *mass projection* has eluded me for a while now. today i don't feel so bad about paying $34 US for takayanagi's *la grima* & then finding it the next day (at a different store) for $17.

Jazz-Nekko said...


after seven DLs of every "Gradually Projection" files, i caanot open uncompress them. i experienced similar problems with the other set as well, but after playing with file names for awhile it worked.

first, i am not on a mac or unix(windows), second i used winrar to get the first open.

while you may have spent time ULing, perhaps partly due to my lack of technical expertise but mostly due to your files, i am now the proud owner nearly 1.2 gbs of digital garbage.

i tried, i tried and then tried again - any answers?


hideo said...

after seven DLs of every "Gradually Projection" files, i caanot open uncompress them

J-N, good thing you have that fiber optic link, probably only took you about 20 minutes for all seven sets of DLs ;)

I'll have the files in a couple of hours and will try some other extraction software and see what happens

1009 said...
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Jazz-Nekko said...


my life saver - onegai-shimasu! please help out poor optic-fiber enhanced but technically-callenged devil. yes, one file took 3.5 or so minutes. so with four files simultaneuosly DLing x seven attmepts - yes, it was about a total of twenty minutes but -

we devils get frustrated easily, so i spent more than an hour renaming files, trying other options before i shouted for help.


(always wanted to call someone like bond. . . .)

i had to rename every file. i had considerable trouble because the files are linked, but the breakthrough came when i could successfully rename the first file in the chain. then each time i was asked to open the next volume, i flipped back and forth b/t windows and renamed the DLed file to the name that winrar was requesting. i had to try several variants until i got it right.

the file names i used were:
"DIW-424.z04.z01", "DIW-424.z04.z02", and so on. this did not work with "gradually projection" though - it is bad from the beginning. . . :(

good luck


1009 said...
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1009 said...

got *mp*, will post mp3s later.

nad3170 said...

I've got to be very quick so please excuse the rushed style :


Thanks for the info on "Live at Gaya" JR.


sotise said...

@jazz nekko
i had no problems unpacking with
winrar 362, by clicking the 4th file(the zip), if you or anyone else needs this version of winrar i can upload it, pretty sure its an earlier version.

@pierre , this version of winrar makes it easy to create split archives, a friend taught
youll find its a piece of cake contact me if you would like me to show you.

sotise said...

that ought to read
a friend taught me , we all struggle with splitting archives at first, should point out that this only works on a pc and not mac or linux.

Jazz-Nekko said...


thanks for your attention. . .luckily i do not often empty the cricular file.

i restored some un-renamed files and followed pierre's suggestion - works like a champ!

a happier, but heavier, devil!!

cheers for the support guys -


nad3170 said...

Sotise, let's wait a little but if there are still requests about the split archives after a while I'll install winrar (I also use my computer for music and don't want to install to many softs).

Jazz-nekko, I included the inserts of the CDs in case somebody would be able to read Japanese, do they contain interesting info ? And thanks for the Abe video, I didn't think one existed !

I did the MP3 (320) upload for Mass Projection so don't bother 1009 :
doing Gradually Projection on megaupload at the moment.


nad3170 said...

Gradually Projection MP3 (320) :

hideo said...

finally got to extract and no problems--I think one of the reasons those of us who extract alot of files were concerned was first, the somewhat odd file names which resembled 7-Zip files and second, that there were only two and a single flac file respectively in the albums

in my case, WinRar just did the work without a cough

I initially thought that only the first file had extracted until I found the single track to be 300 meg ! (and hi-Q scans--thanks!)

Pierre, thanks and now that the regulars have figured this out, should be no worries

unitstructure said...

Thanks for taking the trouble to post these in different formats.

1009 said...

i'm going to try for this here (w/ little hope, but who knows):

does anyone out there have masahiko togashi's *we now create*? it features takayanagi as well as motoharu yoshizawa (bassist from lacy's *stalks*, posted earlier). this is on cd (victor i guess), but is apparently well out of print as the last price i saw on ebay was $60 (for the cd, not the vinyl). this is a 1969 date, just before these *projections*.

Volkan Terzioglu said...

Dear all,
I just found a link to some other kaoru abe recordings, including the above, this link is provided from sfrp,
so enjoy and cheers,

grasprelease said...

Pierre, this is a wonderful post! I cannot believe it took me a year and a half to find it. So glad the links still work. Thanks for the flac....these albums are essential. I did not see anyone mention much about the LIVE AT GAYA series, but I found still-active links to not-bad-quality mp3s of all the LIVE AT GAYA volumes. Here:

Dick Whyte said...

Hi - great post. Sorry to be a pain, but any chance of a re-up of the FLACs. I got Part 1 of the first disc, but everything has vanished in the mean time. Of course, if its too much hassle I understand, but I would love to get a copy in FLAC format.

All the best-
Dick Whyte

Anonymous said...

reupload please ....

akaboshi14 said...

Could you re-up this?