2 January 2008

Jimmy Lyons, Oliver Lake, Henry Threadgill - Live Nickelsdorf 1980.

This is somewhat of a curiosity. The 3 great altoists improvising together, without rhythm section. I know nothing about this concert apart from basic details:-

Nickelsdorf, Austria,
Konfrontationen 1980

Oliver Lake,as
Jimmy Lyons,as
Henry Threadgill,as

It is just a single piece of about 30 minutes. Thanks go to jazzrita for seeding. I'm not sure whether it is an FM broadcast or an audience boot, but the sound quality is very good. If anyone knows anything at all about this trio (was it a one-off gig ?) then I'd be pleased to hear from them. See if you can distinguish which player is which. I can make out Lyons's distinctive style, but can't tell between the other two.

I've put up an mp3 link. I have it in flac, which I'll upload if there is enough interest.

Link in comments.



Boromir said...

Unfortunately massmirror (which I like because it gives the downloader choice) is not working at the moment so I'm using RS again.
MP3 VBR high quality


sotise said...

this looks stunning ,b thanx for sharing it here.
ive never heard any lyons that was less than great... and lake .. threadgill magicians both at their peak.

Anonymous said...

Thanks you so much! As wonderful as this is, a flac version would be great!

Slothrop said...

Boromir -- wow. Thanks much for this.

Given the recent dust-up witnessed here, I'd like to go out of my way to thank all of you involved for sharing so much wonderful music here. The first great pleasure of this blog is learning that performances like this one ever existed. Getting to hear the music is gravy. I only wish I had something worthwhile to give back (the things I contributed to the Church weren't exactly big hits).

Anyway, cheers! Please know that none of this is taken for granted. I hear something new and wonderful every day thanks to you guys.

Boromir said...


Thanks very much for your appreciation.
Please remember that any OOP contribitions are most welcome, however commonplace or rare. The contibutors here have very wide choices in music, from Kid Ory to Derek Bailey and I'm sure that our visitors are th3e same. And there are new folks visiting all the time who didn't catch the stuff that was posted at the church.

Boromir said...

Flac version:-



Arcturus said...

stunning little get-together, isn't it? sounds like a festival thing - I wouldn 't be surtprised if there were other OL/HT gigs, but the addition of Lyons sounds a real treat - may be a while til I get to hear this, but many thanks for posting it - I'm greatly looking fwd to it

Anonymous said...

This is an outstanding performance! 3 of my very favorite alto players I never could have dreamed to have record solo together and the set is both gentle and vigorous in their approach. Really a delight! Thanks so much for spreading the love....

santos curser said...

gone, sadly.

TetsuoDark said...

any chance for a re-up ? thanks in advance :)

JazzHound said...

At this point I can only imagine what this sounds like. If possible to re-up, that would be wonderful!

chris riggert said...

Is it possible to re-up the flac version of this? Thank you

David said...

reup possible? Thanks!