5 January 2008

Daunik Lazro- sweet zee, 1985 (hat 2010) Flac and Lame

Here’s something I like by daunik lazro whos own contributions don’t quite match those on his stellar recent records.
Still kondo, lewis and joelle leandre have plenty to contribute.
that alone should be recommendation enough.

Hat 2010 (2 lp’s)
Disc 1- ‘sweet zee ‘
Daunik lazro- alto sax
Toshinori kondo- trumpet and voice
Jean Jacques Avenel- db

Disc 2 track 1 ‘ empire’
(dedicated to jac berrocal)

lazro- alto sax,
Raymond boni- guitars
Carlos zingaro- violin

Disc 2 track 2 – enfances
Daunik lazro- alto
George lewis- trb, toys
Joelle leandre- db, voice

All tracks collectively improvised
Sweet zee recorded live at willisau jazz fest august 27, 1983
Empire- recorded live at trios sens music meeting france may 28 1983
Enfances recorded at dunois , paris January 8 1984

Mp3 added soon
daunik lazro @ discogs
portrait de danik lazro- kk roll


uCi_X said...

You are the Best!
Thanks for this marvellous present. The best way to begin a new year.

(And thanks to the person who change the scary face for the lovely abyssal monster)

sotise said...

uci ,hope you enjoy it.
thakx f'r the compliment..but im not at all interested in being the 'best' just sharing a few things back with others who share.

if you have anything you want to post ...do it right here!!

here are the mp3's for this

hideo said...

new artist for me, but looks like he hangs around with the right people snd carries the Inconstant Sol Seal of Approval so ...


The Sea & The Change said...

Thank you very much for providing this recording.

I have been listening to Daunik Lazro lately and I must say, this is a great album.

I have a question though: What do you mean that Daunik's contributions do not match his recent material? Granted, he as matured as a player and added the baritone saxophone to his arsenal, but I wouldn't cut him short on this recording. Lazro and his colleagues are very inspired throughout.

The Sea & The Change said...

By the way,

I believe the "Enfances" from part two is incomplete.

sotise said...

sea and change hi
glad you like sweet zee
i can asure you the files include the entire album..
enfances is complete.

zhao said...

not familiar but curious! danke!

sotise said...


hjulien said...

links to the second part of the mp3.rar files doesn't work for me, is there another link ?

thanks for this anyway

Anonymous said...

sorry. link 3 of flac not found, Rapida said.

http://higuja.narod.ru/ said...

correct flac links :


All the best

Anonymous said...

new link for flac:

Anonymous said...

Any chance of reuploading this rare disc, please???

sotise said...

i'm re ripping this , i'll re-up soon!

SOTISE said...

Last time it seems.. i only included 3 sides here's a new rip of the whole thing

Flac pics

martintm said...

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

merci bien pour Lazro re-rip !

Javier Roz said...

Thanks Sotise for the re-up. Interesting one.