26 November 2007

derek bailey and han bennink- icpoo4 1969, LAME 320

heres a christmas present from brent who says 'Ok Mr. Fancypants-high-bitrate, here is icp004 at 320: '
this is the very first of many collaborations between derek bailey and han bennink.
and its a true marvel.
unfortunately this will probably not ever be reissued because the tapes of early icp albums have regretably been lost, (i dont know the full story of how that tradgedy happened, but merely read a referance to the fact some 15 years ago).
many thanks to brent for this contribution.
han bennink at his advancing age is still making high energy music, and recording at an alarming rate... check it out... and his art(he designed the covers)
details of this session are
icp 4 1969han bennink –drDerek bailey- g

An old woman is shelling beans…..
Chonki chonki..
gachi= long thin African trumpet
Good morning, Derek
link in comments at 320


sotise said...


Richard said...

I used to have this record (and several others on the label). Instant recognition of the cover and the titles. Got it from Ray's Records on its old site in the basement of Collets on New Oxford Street - now demolished. I'm now nearly 40 years older and my tastes have changed but I'm looking forward to hearing it again. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

THX! very much. you can not get this stuff anymore that easily. so again, thX!

glmlr said...

Nice choice, Brent, tsk ... tsk ...

hideo said...

welcome aural upgrade on this classic

arigato mucho

Brent said...

I'm glad everyone's enjoying this. I have to admit that the 320 rip does make a difference. Unfortunately this means that I'm now re-ripping a ton of stuff I had digitized before I even realized how low itunes' default conversion rate was. Oof.

On a different note, I finally tracked down an affordable used copy of the Takayanagi/Abe *Kaitaiteki Kohkan*. I've been looking for those three duo albums for a while, although I do remember Atanase saying that they were all in print. (Or I think I remember that from when he posted the *Nord* record over at the Church last year.) I was scrolling through Amazon & noticed that their *Gradually Projection* is going for $215 US for a used copy. Are these OOP? If so can we post them?

I suppose this question applies to everything on DIW. (I have & would be happy to post the Sunny Murray *Sonny's [sic] Time Now* if there is interest & it is cleared.) I couldn't find a site for the label.

Lucky said...

thanks a lot, brent!!

any of those incredible 70s icp's are highly enjoyable (jizz relics posted a few some months ago). i've never came across any of the vinyls...

glmlr said...

Thanks gentlemen. But there appears to be a small problem. The tracks in the download are not numbered, so they appear alphabetically. As they stand, the correct sequence, as per the LP, is then: 1, 6, 3, 5, 4, 2, 7.

Brent said...

Odd about the track numbers. They are accurate in my rip.

glmlr said...


Have you tried downloading this yourself, even though you obviously have the original?! After decompressing it in Winrar, the tracks all appeared normally, but they fell into alphabetical sequence because the individual track files were not numbered. So the sequence appears incorrectly.

glmlr said...

To simplify things, this is the track sequence from the LP:

1. An old woman …
2. Suki
3. Gachi
4. Kst, Kst
5. Good Morning, Derek
6. Chonkichonki
7. Tsk Tsk

paperorplastic said...

sotise etal.

thanks much for this great blog. and enjoyed Follies and the Mangelsdorf/Surman posted elsewhere, the third track on that one really the winner, just the organ and the two. much beauty here at this blog, but I can't take seeing the pic of Fearless Leader when I the page pops up.

Anonymous said...

Again you post another "impossible to get" record.
I'm beginnig to think that you have a top hat…


Frédito said...

Brent, Sotise, thanks gentlemen ; I hope I find the time soon to listen to this rarity. I can barely afford time to make a tea and grab a packet of digestives lately. What a life

Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

These recoords are like hens teeth now, this is excellent music. Thanks very much.

bolingo69 said...

Thank you very much for letting me listen to music that "circumstances" parted me from already in the late seventies! Thanks to you (and Lucky!) who pointed me here, I am gradually being able to reconstruct substancial parts of my once rather magnificent collection, (I used to have all the ICP's that had come out before 1978 and some of them even in double copies :-/)

Thanks for your sharing generosity!

bozo the clown said...

My copy has seen a lot fun plays over the years- used to spend hours looking at all the little photos. A shame they seem to be unwilling or unable to put the early ICP stuff out for "REAL",but we'd all be standing in line to purchase it, wouldn't we?! The quartet with John Tchicai and Misha, this one, and GROUP COMPOSING would make a mind-bongingly neat 3 on 2 set, with some unreleased goodies thrown in!