20 September 2007

David Murray and Sunny Murray Quintet - Live 1975

This recording comes by way of a bit torrent (thanks to original seeder), originating from an FM recording WXPN FM Philadelphia Pa Aug 21 1975. I think this was one of only two sessions that this particular line-up gigged together, though of course the two Murrays have played together many times. Both are in fine form in this set, with David sounding sometimes like Ayler, sometimes like Sonny Rollins, sometimes like Trane. There is much sensitivity in the tracks as well as some good hard blowing. I particularly like the vibes work of Khan Jamal.


david murray-tenor sax
sunny murray-drums
khan jamal-vibraphone
monnette sudler-e.guitar
sonny johnson-bass

track one.9:10
track two.8:45
track three.10:08
track four.12:33
track five.8:26
track six.7:47
track seven.7:20

Recording ripped at VBR quality 0. Links in comments.


Boromir said...


Part 1


Part 2


sotise said...

this is outstanding many thanks to you, interesting to hear such an early glimpse, of d.murray , that last track features sunny murrays tightest funkiest drumming ever.
i was almost in shock, ive certainly never heard sunny play quite that way( a very now funk beat).

monette sudler is intriguing, i read her mentioned in val wilmers " as serious as your life"
many years before hearing her on any records, the records ive heard have been few.
do you or perhaps glmlr, or anyone know anything more.

centrifuge said...

nice one b :)

missed this when it was on bigozine... i'll grab it this time!

Boromir said...


I don't know much about her, but she's still very actively playing and has her own website

An interesting quote from there:-

"In November of 2007, Monnette reunites with Sunny Murray's "Change of the Century Orchestra" in Luxembourg, along with tenor saxophonist Odean Pope and vibraphonist Khan Jamal."
Something to look forward to.

The Ghost of Jerry Reed said...

great share! thank you thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

This is remarkable. I didn’t know the recording even existed. There’s a far less well mixed couple of tracks from an April 1975 Ted Daniel big band concert commercially available, but this must be Murray’s first recording as a leader. And it’s just terrific.

If you’re interested in Murray’s work you might be interested in my posts at http://wallofsound.wordpress.com/david-murray/

Richard said...

Anon, you wouldn't happen to know the track titles ?

Anonymous said...

thank you!

footnote@hotmail.com said...

The link is broken... i'm too late.
Is this being re-uploaded? This looks
amazing, and the comments just got
my ears ready.....

oui said...

please... some new links (maybe on a better file sharing service) are expected for this one, defo...

francisco santos said...

re post, please...

Anonymous said...

Dear Boromir!
Please repost! Thanks in advance!

unitstructure said...

Thanks for sharing this session.I enjoyed it very much.

Anonymous said...

I would be interested in Sunny Murray and David Murray Quintet - Live in 1975 but can not find the link.
I would be grateful if it were a new link!
Thanks in advance!

mew23 said...

Alternate link - mp3 rip from BigO

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Thank you mew23!!!