13 September 2007

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Live at Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany 1987 (FM recording)

I picked this up off the net some time ago. It originates from a German radio broadcast. I'm not an expert on AEOC's work, but I've never heard them play Ayler's Ghosts before. I'd be interested if any afficionados out there can add titles to the unknowns. They're full of the usual gongs, bells, sirens, whistles etc that typifies AEOC's work. There's some fiery blowing on Ghosts, but I'm not sure whether it's from Jarman or Mitchell (or a combination).

01 Unknown 13:05
02 Ghosts 22:38
03 Unknown 7:32
04 Unknown 14:52
05 No Woman No Cry 4:52

Ripped at 192 kbps. Links in comments.


Boromir said...


Part 1

Part 2

glmlr said...

Thank you gentlemen! Fine performance!

centrifuge said...

thanks in advance for this boromir, i have downloaded it but not listened yet (nor to the long one on h&h for that matter)... i am looking forward to it though ;-)

centrifuge said...

superb concert... very much enjoyed it! any idea who is playing the mystery keys in track 5??

never heard them playing "ghosts" before either, but it suits their style so well it's a surprise in a way (in hindsight) that they didn't play ayler it more often..? maybe not... all composers in the band, not going to want to make too much of a habit of covers i suppose

Le roi textile de Suède est de retour said...

A wild guess is that track 4 is more or less "Yasmina, a black woman" i think. You can hear it on the album with the same name by Archie Shepp.

lee said...

It's been a couple years, but is there any chance of getting this one reposted. The link seems to have expired. Thanks.

Acaro said...

please, repost this lost milestone! The above mentioned massmirror links are long expired!

Thanks anyway, you're great!!


Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

it can be found here: