18 May 2007


heres the next installment of don cherry in copenhagen 1970
this ones from the 3rd of october,the very next day
see our previous post of the concert from october the 2nd
here http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2007/04/don-cherry-trio-guests-live-in.html

this ones just the trio
cherry- cornet,perc, flute etc
johnny dyani-db
mikaya ntshoko- percussion

ripped at 256 kbs (i think)
part1) 95 mega bytes
part 2) http://rapidshare.com/files/31572760/cc_1970_2.rar

part 2= 31 mega bytes.

please note there is some crossover in terms of material, with our previous post from october the 2nd, this ones possibly slightly scrapier too ,as far as sound quality.


glmlr said...

Fantastic post Dipmong! Explosive performance!! Thank you.

sotise said...

yes cetainly ,a very dynamic gig, pity its not a touch better recorded,that would i think raise this well into the top rank of live cherry, especially since dyani's playing so well.
glad you enjoyed it more live cherry will out ,both here and elsewhere im sure.
dipmong? never heard of 'im
i am sotise

glmlr said...

Humble apologies, sotise! It remains a fabulous concert!!! Thank you again.

jdubb said...

Thank you--I can't wait to hear this treasure!

roberth said...

part 2 is no longer on rapidshare
can you repost. love your site
great don cherry. esp love the pieces with terry riley

Anonymous said...

a re-up would be great. There are several archival documents of Don Cherry that have never been re-post

Nod Y said...

... and if a re-up of the first concert would be possible, a re-up of this one should be great too as a compagnon of the preview one.

kinabalu said...

New link:


kinabalu said...

Again some stellar work from Johnny Dyani. Regulars here would know that I have a weak spot for him. I promise there will be more Dyani on this blog!

Nod Y said...

Hi Kinabalu
I'm back again to thank you for the two concerts of Don Cherry that i will listen this night. I can't disagree about your interest in Mbizo's music, he was just an incredible musician. In almost every band he played, he was a leader by nature. So more Dyani here... I just can say great in advance.