12 May 2007


It had to be a special album, too follow the recent posts by Dipmong / Boromir.
I have been deliberating for days; before finally deciding on this seminal release from
Qbico Records, Italy
(a label with an exceptional catalogue of outstanding music).

Arthur Doyle - Tenor Sax, Flute, Voice
Takashi Mizutani - Electric Guitar
Sabu Toyozumi - Drums

Rec. live November 14, 1997 @ Manda-la2, Tokyo, Japan
Released in 2003 (Qbico 9-10).

Side A:
November 8th or 9th, I Can't Remember When

Side B:
Alabama and Mississippi Reunited

Side C:
I Pass, Then Resist
I'd Live In Her World, Then Without Her In Mine

Side D:
Love Heal

"As his revelatory performance at this year's Le Weekend festival in Stirling made clear, saxophonist, singer and pianist Arthur Doyle is at his most emotionally devastating when he's on his own and the pure flow of his spirit is unencumbered by any bullshit notions of musicianship. So the idea of hooking him up with a guitarist and drummer -- even if they are two of the most liberated players to come out of the ever-fertile Japanese underground -- is bound to raise pulses in well-stocked record rooms across Scotland. But the news is good. Although the three players rarely operate as an actual trio across the space of these two beautifully presented slabs of vinyl, the exchange of ideas is rapid and advanced and both Takashi Mizutani and Sabu Toyozumi peel back enough to give Doyle the kind of space he needs to really cut rug. A legendary recording, Live In Japan 1997, has been circulating as a cassette on the collector's scene for many moons. Doyle's visit to Japan that year brought many of his acolytes out of the woodwork and as well as the gig with Mizutani and Toyozumi, the saxophonist hooked up with both Japanese underground guitar god Keiji Haino and Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto while he was there. Mizutani is a fantastic guitarist, although here he isn't quite as extended as he is with his own group, mythic psychedelic rockers Les Rallizes Denudes. Drummer Toyozumi puts in a particularly muscular performance, trading in the kind of spatial acrobatics and air-curdling techniques he used to temporally dislocate recordings by Peter Brotzmann and Masayuki Takayanagi in favour of a more stumpy, rock-based approach, a working method that more than compliments Doyle's spare folk melodies. As usual, Doyle weaves motifs from his major works throughout the set but it's that voice, so completely unguarded emotionally and so beautifully bent, that'll set your heart on end."
David Keenan, (Sunday Herald, Edinburgh, 01 June 2003)

Vinyl rip @ 192kbps.

If the mention of “Noah’s Black Ark, Alabama Feeling or Babi Music”
sets you off into drool mode.




Boromir said...

Thanks for this one flux'us, I look forward to hearing it.

There are a couple of vintage Noah Howards on ESP posted over at

centrifuge said...

bloody hell, flux'us :-O

unbelievably desirable item! i haven't even heard it yet and i'm already "salivating"...

dipmong said...

yeah dude ,special isnt quite the word for this stunning post.
superlatives cant quite, express my appreciation.
ive liked everything youve posted so far.
thank you

hideo said...

I have been deliberating for days; before finally deciding on this seminal release

fluxxus, glad yer' on the case mate while dipmong's been eating morning glories and listening to Charles Lloyd while bathing ;)

and yeah, my hands are shaking a little as this trickkles in over the twisted copper


hideo said...
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glmlr said...

Mmmmm ... Music happens here thanks to the two Japanese players. Doyle is out of it, to my ears. Thanks anyway.

AmbroseBierce said...

Great blog - thanks a lot for a heap of treasures. Keep going!

Flux'us said...

Thanks’ to all for you're comments.
They are appreciated!


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Anonymous said...

Wow - a stunner!! Thank you!

Gog said...

This is apparently the last time anyone's seen Mizutani publicly. I'm so glad it was recorded. Can't wait to listen!

Anonymous said...

RE-UP please.

Anonymous said...

Re upp!!!! i need this album!!!

kinabalu said...
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Anonymous said...

Lack the 4 track "I'd Live In Her World, Then Without Her In Mine"

kinabalu said...

New link with the missing track:


Guille Germo said...

Thanks @kinabalu!!!!

sjc said...

Re upp!!!!