30 March 2007

sunny murray trio live in london 2003,/evan parker trio live in seattle 14th may 2003

hello again,

another upload from 'boromir's tape collection a broadcast,though its not clear from where.

bbc most probably, its good as youd expect.

personnel is- sunny murray- drums , john edwards-db and tony bevan-tenor and bass saxes

its ripped to190kbs mp3(by boromir)

please note- this is only 39 minutes of music

the above photo (black and white) is apparently from murrays 2003,british tour.

next up also upploaded and ripped by 'boromir'

the evan parker trio- live at the Seattle Asian Arts museum 14 May 2003

evan parker-saxophones

alexander schlippenbach-piano

paul lytton-percussion

2 long tracks,all up 67 minutes worth of music.(ripped@190)




King Kennytone said...

Yep Dipster, you're right, it's from a BBC Jazz On £3 broadcast.

Saw this trio again' a couple of months ago: they wuz bein filmed for some European TV thing. Man, Sunny Murray is one cool cat. Settin' up his (borrowed) kit he kinda spins off into a monologue ...

||¬``` yep, anyway.
Good to hear this again.

glmlr said...

Correction: The second photograph is (left to right) Barry Guy, Paul Lytton and Evan Parker.

Anonymous said...

The Evan Parker material appears on America 2003, I recommend you take it down...

Keep the good work otherwise!


Massimo Magee said...

hey now just to wait for some of these guys to come out to Australia to play!

centrifuge said...

my thanks too for the sunny murray (i'm so behind on my listening right now...) - this is before my time as a r3 listener, so nice to hear it.

eric is right - if the date and venue are correct for parker's trio set, it's the concert which makes up disc 2 of america 2003. (if the 67-min running time is correct, it's possible that the rip is an unedited recording..? the cd runs about 58-9 mins). i too would recommend taking it down, but it's for you guys to decide after all...

mrsblucher said...

hmmm... sunny murray did play with evan parker at the vortex in dalston, london round 2003. and i'm pretty sure bbc was recording that night .. i can probably dig out some old information on the date. i'll download it first.. ;)

mrsblucher said...

i'm looking back through old email correspondence.. sunny murray played at the vortex thurs 17 apr. parker and moholo played at the vortex tues 15 apr 2003 (kenny wheeler came on for second half). i seem to remember the bbc being there for one of them. there's also a comment in an email of fire engines going past during the show, so that should be a giveaway?!

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to have the Sunny Murray again.