29 March 2007

marilyn crispell-labyrinths (solo piano)1987


heres marilyn crispell's, classic solo concert on victo
recorded on the 2nd of october 1987 at victoriaville in canada.
this was the victo lables 6th release and it's one of her many stunning solo recitals .
i dont understand why this is out of print , her recent very different quiescent modal albums on ecm have sold in reasonably large(for this music)
why wont victo cash in to even a small extent ?
here she plays 2 coltrane tunes and a couple of standards as well as some free improvs and tunes of her own.
the standards are treated very differently than you might expect if you're only familiar with her more recent work.
its torrential by comparison,
well worth your'e time and effort,
and this cd'd will require effort, once youve made it youre hooked
for life!!
find out more at m's own website here http://www.marilyncrispell.com/
suggestion \buy any of marilyn's albums on the music and arts lable, because a lot of it is either deleted or being fazed out.
ripped from cd @220kbs mp3


Anonymous said...

Dear Blogger

the link of RS is not for Crispell! It's for a Braxton fine Recording. Chek it out!

Thanks also for sharing Braxton. I hope Crispell comes soon.

best regards, Kike.

ps: your blog is amazing! Thanks, Dude.

dipmong said...

thanks kike
so many files, its overwhelming at times mistakes are inevitable

Anonymous said...

Dear Dipmong

everything ok! The Crispell Solo Recording is great! Thank very much for sharing this one!

Ps: a special request, do you have the Braxton Duo with Evan Parker?

Thanks, your blog rules!

best regards, Kike.

Rod... said...

great music... great blog...