10 January 2021

Bobby Few October 21, 1935 - January 6, 2021


From early sessions with Albert Ayler to his most recent recordings with Waclaw Zimpell and his own discography, Bobby Few was a singular voice in the free jazz area. Still lyrical in the middle of the stormy twin team of Frank Wright and Noah Howard, his music was the real reflect of himself, a quiet guy, peaceful. Trained in classical music and gospel, his touch on the key was immediately recognisable.

Here is a breath taking performance in solo. I have added to the file an interview that I’ve realised for radio campus Paris in May 2017, it is the original conversation in english before an editing and translate with addition of music for the program in french.

1 Continental Jazz Express

2 Beautiful Africa

3 China

4 The Journey Continues

5 Like A Waterfall

6 En Route

7 Continental Jazz Express

Recorded in live performance at the Vision Festival, New York City, on May 27, 2000.

Boxholder Records BXH026 cd


correct silence said...


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pierre d'alai said...

Merci mille fois !
Few could ever play like Few.

BT said...

Thank-you so much

jeff said...

Correct silence. I agree that this is a great performance. I have this cd also.
But I really appreciate the interview. Fascinating to hear.
I am half way through it now. Enjoying it.
I will really miss Bobby. He was incredible in every situation / band he ever played with..... And I agree, he had an unmistakable sound.
Thank you

john_a said...

Sad news to hear he's passed away. Not too many years ago, he was featured in a Heineken beer comercial that got a lot of play on TV. Bobby was shown at the piano with one arm in a sling (or a cast?), and it was a nice surprise to see a jazz hero in that spot. I'd only seen him perform live once, with Steve Lacy group, but always enjoyed his work on so many great records. Will miss you Bobby Few !

correct silence said...

@Jeff thank you for your positive feed back. After a recommandation by Ernst here is a link to an article written by Pierre Crepon about Bobby Few that describes very well is musical and personal mood:

Pierre is telling in the right way the impressions that I had each time I meet Bobby and the feeling I wanted to share by posting this interview. Of course Pierre's article goes farther than the interview because it is famous that in the radio we never have time. This interview has of course not been broadcasted like this but with music and translation, one hour of program means that you have to do less than half an hour of conversation.