2 August 2020

Avreeayl Ra Artist Support Fund

"The AACM is raising funds to support Avreeayl Ra.  When the pandemic hit, Avreeayl lost almost all of his income.  Yet he has given so much to our city, our community, and to this planet! We will NOT let him struggle alone. Please HELP support our beloved and renowned master drummer and teacher.  Give all you can! Give with your heart, as Avreeayl has so thoroughly taught all of us to do!

(photo by Michael Jackson)

Help Spread the word!!!!"



Newk said...

I'm in Chicago, so I'm sad to see this and the story about Erwin Helfer, and who knows how many people out there are in need or isolated or both, but I'm also glad to see this post here and that others are trying to help. I also wish I was in a better position to help.

OSIRIS said...

Thank you for posting this.