28 March 2020

Organic Music Theatre - Television Session Summer 1976

After Magogiallo's generous contributions of rare unreleased live by Don Cherry, here is one more very close to the RAI session with the same personnel and almost same titles.

The music if not so incredible as his early recordings show very well the musical personality of Don Cherry who was interested in the music itself before the style.

It remain me a story that composer and violinist Jean Yves Bosseur told me some years ago. He was invited to play violin by Archie Shepp but he said:
-"I'm not a jazz musician".
Then Shepp answered:
-"we won't play jazz, we will play music".

This might be a good definition for Don Cherry's music.

-Moki: Tampura, percussion, vocals
-Gianpiero Pramaggiore: guitar, flute, vocals
-Nana Vasconcelos: percussions, berimbo, vocals
-Don Cherry: trumpet, dous'n goni, flute, vocals

Summer 1976 for Italian télévision


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Thanks correct silence.

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Thank you very much

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Much appreciated

JazzHound said...

Thanks so much! Wonderful to have this in full lossless format. FYI: here is a YouTube concert on Italian TV from the same year. To my ear a different performance but much of the same material. https://youtu.be/Iu3OLnQvl-g

correct silence said...

The youtube performance have been posted by Magogiallo in the contribution section.

bifidus52 said...

I had listened to the same music at a concert at the Turin sports hall a few months earlier (19-01-19769). I had recorded it with an amateur Grundig cassette recorder. The recording has survived the years and here it is as a sound document. Maybe it's because I was young but it's still wonderful for me.

magogiallo said...

Thank you for this lossless and also for the Turin concert!

roberth said...

thank u correct silence and bifidus52 fir more 1976 don cherry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reuab said...

The recording is the same as on the video. Judging from the length of the tracks
this is an edit I made from the video many years ago.