4 September 2019


This is not a rip of the LP/CD from Red Records. It is a recording of the whole concert provided by our recent anonymous supporter.

Joe Henderson, tenor saxophone
Charlie Haden, double bass
Al Foster, drums

1. Beatrice 10:40
2. Serenity 8:41
3. Visa  9:56
4. Ask Me Now 14:19
5. All The Things You Are 13:44
6. Rue Chaptal / Royal Roost 7:56
7. Invitation 13:16

Recorded live at Genova Jazz Festival, Villa Imperiale, Italy, July 7, 1987.

(The Red Records release contained Ask Me Now, Serenity, Beatrice and Invitation)

Artwork and some photographs are included.


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


armando said...

Thank you, Ernst!

Nick said...

Thanks ernst

Ilario Rozen said...

good morning Ernst
just to confirm that this is the exact and complete concert by J. H.
at Genoa Jazz Festival, Villa Imperiale, Italy, July 7, 1987

ritzbird said...

Wonderful post, most appreciated !

JazzHound said...

I already had the Joe Henderson Red Records album, a very special record, so this is a treat to now be able to hear the full concert!!!! Thanks so much!

bhowani said...

Fantabulous!! Thanks, Ernst!!

Bill said...

Great! Thanks Ernst.

zero said...

Grateful to have the chance to hear the pieces missing from the Red Records release.
Thanks very much, Ernst.