1 July 2019

Sam Rivers Trio - live in Foggia 30 April 1980

This is a repost of sorts of a file posted way back on this blog. In the comments section to the original post, Rick Lopez made the very valid point that Sam's scat singing towards the end didn't sound, shall we say, entirely authentic. So I ran it through Audacity to see if anything could be done about it. I made two versions, one with 15 percent speed reduction and one with 20 percent. Listening back, the 20 percent sounded a bit soggy, so I decided to stick with the 15 percent. In other words, this runs at about 85 percent of the original speed. I can't say if I have hit the nail right on the head, but at least it comes off more plausible, and in any case, your ears are the best judge. One more technical note, this was originally posted as a high grade mp3 and is reposted in the flac format to prevent further lossiness.

What we have here is a live concert in Foggia, Italy, on 30 April 1980 with Sam Rivers on multiple instruments and vocals, Dave Holland on bass and Steve Ellington on drums. As for the gig, it's marvellous, really a stayer, one to come back to. Sam Rivers starts out on tenor, switches to soprano, continues on flute interspersed with a bit of vocalising towards the end. In all, the piece runs for 78:28, so one consequence of lowering the speed is you get at least ten minutes extra of Sam and the gang. Can't be bad, eh?


kinabalu said...



jeff said...

Thanks kinabalu.
I will be interested to hear your version and compare.
But, I remember the speed issue you are referring to from that post.

Remiller4 said...

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you.

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JColtrane said...

Many thanks

correct silence said...

The trio configuration of Sam Rivers on stage is always incredible, a sort of high level marathon. Thank you Kinabalu for this share.
I recommend another session officially released recently by Nobusinessrecords.
It is absolutely incredible, any serious jazz fan can't miss this one.
@Kinabalu do you eventually have some bootleg of Don Cherry from the period 1969/1973 with musicians like Han Bennink or Johnny Dyani, I already have the two that you previously posted some years ago with Dyani and Temiz but if you have some others they will be welcome, thanks in advance.

wightdj said...

Cool, thanks.

jeff said...

correct silence
I am really looking forward to Emanation.
It has been on my radar since release in May.
I have a list of things to order from them. The Rivers Trio is at the top.
The series of Sam Rivers archival performances that NoBusiness is set to release over the next few years is a very exciting project!
NoBusiness continues to amaze me with there determination to get this great stuff out there. New and archival!

correct silence said...

yes this program of Sam Rivers reissue is very interesting, one cd will obviously be a live performance with Steve Ellington and Dave Holland, the soundboard of this post????
If you plan to order some no business I really suggest you the reissue of Detail (Dyani/Stevens/Gjerstad) and the Sunny Murray Homework that is really great in my opinion, between free jazz and sophisticated rock.

kinabalu said...

Re. Don Cherry: I've looked around and there is one that might be relevant within this time period:


However, Discogs doesn't sell it, presumably because it's a dodgy bootleg, but I'm sure it can be found from other outlets. I don't have it myself.

There is another live set from Paris a few years earlier which I got from the Dime torrent site. This has now been issued, unofficially on a Cyprus-based label specialising in releasing broadcast material from radio:


Apart from those two, there are the recordings with Bernt Rosengren's band, first


but also this one:


I suppose we'll have to consider what, if anything, can be uploaded of this material. I think the Paris 1967 might be ok, as it's unofficial, but it will be good to hear a second opinion.

kinabalu said...

Update on the 1971 concert:

It looks like the entire thing is here (and more):


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Kinabalu,

I think the 1967 recording from Don Cherry's trio is OK to post here.

The music is really great IMO - even one of my favourite Cherry outings.
The label on which it appeared - Hi Hat - does release bootlegs solely.
They even tried to release one or two Keith Jarrett concerts. But at least in Germany this was cancelled before the scheduled date of release. ECM's ME was not amused as you can imagine.

Live In Paris April 22 1971 is from a bootleg label as well. Haven't heard it. Seemingly the sound should be OK on the vinyl. Surely culled, similar to Hi Hat, from broadcasts or from blogs.

correct silence said...

Hi Kinabalu
The Don Cherry trio in Paris 1967 is a bootleg as said Ernst, it have been recently posted by Bill on his own blog. The 1971 lp also a live in Paris have been probably taken from youtube or from a dvd that the national Institute of Audiovisuel in France have published some years ago. In fact it comes from a television program and they have taken the sound of the dvd from the tv program. This tv program came from a performance of the trio with Temiz and Dyani professionally recorded in stereo by radio France. part of it is available on the double lp "orient". But the producer who died recently have kept the master with him. it might be a rumour but what is true is that the dvd version have a poor sound in mono with the voice of the speaker, from the radio and tv program.
About the recordings with Bernt Rosengren I have all of them, I'm more looking for unpublished recordings in any format.