30 April 2019

Thomas Chapin - Spirits Rebellious (alacra 1989)

Alacra Records, AL 1017
released 1989

Thomas Chapin – flute, alto flute, bass flute, alto sax, pan flute, quena, keyboards, bass drum, triangle, hula sticks, whistles, voice, electronic drums (B1 and B2)
Saul Rubin – acoustic and electric guitars
Thad Wheeler – conga, snare drum, rocks, bells, voice
Francesca Vanasco – cello
Geoffrey Gordon – tablas

Side A
Spirits Rebellious             5:58
Rain                 3:02
Uroboros (The Snake with its Tail in its Mouth) 2.32
Circles                 9:05

Side B
Guarana                 6:16
Spinning                 5:19
Squid Fantasy             5:45
Alborada (The Opening of a Rose)        5:09

All compositions by Thomas Chapin  1998.
Recorded June, 1988


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Tom Chapin was a terrific musician who was taken away from us far too soon.

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