12 March 2019

ELTON DEAN'S NiNESENSE - Bracknell Jazz Festival 1978

I got this audience recording in trade from many years ago and I shared it previously in comments to some other Ninesense recording here. Recently I gave it a listen and found it wholly enjoyable and great preformance, thus I tried some equalisation from original mp3@320. In the end it is improvement I think. Setlist is similiar to 100 Club Concert from 1979. Track 5 (including 11 min of great improv) has significantly clearer sound without audience noises (which are quietly enjoyable during quiet passages earlier) and due to possible speaker entry in the fade out, it can come from some broadcast (possibly) from different concert, but I got it together with this Bracknell recording).

ELTON DEAN'S NiNESENSE - Bracknell Jazz Festival 1978

1. Fall in Free > One Three Nine  16.30
2. Nicrotto  12.13
3. Seven For Lee  13.21
4. First Born > Bounce  20.32
5. improv > Three For All (fade-out)  14.28

ELTON DEAN - alto sax, saxello
ALAN SKiDMORE - tenor sax
MARC CHARiG - cornet, tenor horn
HARRY BECKETT - trumpet, flugelhorn
NiCK EVANS - trombone
RADU MALFATTi - trombone
KEiTH TiPPETT - piano
LOUiS MOHOLO - drums

4th Bracknell Jazz Festival, UK, July 8, 1978.


Miloš Latislav said...

mp3@320 -- ulozto.net

Paul Woods said...

Brilliant thanks so much Milos - I was at this festival and Ninesense were excellent as were the Stevens Guy Watts trio spellbinding.

Miloš Latislav said...

Great, Paul! Do you remember if they played what Is Now track 5 on this package?

Miloš Latislav said...

flac for yoou :)) https://ulozto.net/!RDF7YpM9Bxk2/elton-dean-s-ninesense-bracknell-jazz-festival-1978-flac-7z

BT said...

Many thanks

Paul Woods said...

Hi Milos, I don't think track 5 is part of that gig even though I loved listening to it as well - I found the setlist for Bracknell and it's: "One-Three-Nine", "Nicrotto", "Seven For Lee", "Firstborn", "De De Bup Bup", "Prayer For Jesus"

Thanks again for posting this - the track Three for all is also on the studio album Happy Daze. Paul,

francisco santos said...


Unknown said...

Milos, are the flac files just a plain conversion from the mp3 ones?
They were checked to be lossy...

Miloš Latislav said...

@unknown - original mp3 were converted to vaw, then equalized in SoudForge and converted to flac and mp3.

agmosk said...

Thank you very much, Milos! Love this band!