14 December 2018

L.D Levy - Peshtigo Blues & Cedilla - Pearl 1991 & 1993

In the early days of this blog, Sotise posted a superbe album from L.D Levy who is not the most popular jazz musician… On this lp that you can find here
he was teaming with Richard Davis that in the opposite needs no introduction.
Eleven years after here is the second chapter in the rediscovery process of L.D Levy’s music.
Those two cd self produced are obviously his last records.
Like in his preview recording chamber jazz and contemporary classical are strong influences.

-Peshtigo Blues
1 'Round Midnight
2 Movement Still
3 Hetty Get Ready
4 Epistrophy
5 Eve Walks
6 It Was A Very God Year
7 Toy
8 March Hare
9 Le Aige Et Le Roi

Mike Lucas: drums
Vince Coleman: bass
Jack Martinsen: vibes 
L.D Levy: bass clarinet, flute, alto sax

Recorded October 91
Pearl records
cd rip

1 Earthbound 
2 Peacock Season 
3 Without 
4 Moon Rocks 
5 La Salle de Saxophone 
6 Music for the Play EVE WALKS a) Open Heart b) Julianna c) Linda & Sarah 
7 Always in Spring 
8 The Border

Mike Lucas: percussions
Vince Coleman: bass
Jack Martinsen: vibes, modern keyboards
Dan Ciel: piano, modern keyboards
L.D Levy: bass clarinet, flute, alto sax

Recorded March 93
Pearl records 
cd rip

L.D Levy recorded several lp in the late seventies and perhaps also some tapes, if someone have more music from him, it would be absolutely necessary to share here.


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What a surprise! Thank you cs -

correct silence said...

I'm in touch with L.D Levy since few days. He have not recorded after those two cd's and some of the last concerts he made were with Ed Blackwell and Don Cherry in the nineties.

Wallofsound said...

Glad I stuck around for the second instalment.

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Thank you so much for this gift, CS !
But http://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2007/07/jdlevy-and-richard-davis-cauldron-1979.html, has a link which is unfortunately dead...

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Hi Bhowani - new link for "Cauldron" has been added.

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