19 December 2018

DoMa Ensemble :: Demo 2oo9

Here is Prague based duo's demo recording, which was followed by official album release in 2011 - check the bandcamp player, download has Name your price option. Both Dorota and Marcel are also members of Vertigo sextet and has numerous other projects. Marcel is leader of Muff group, whose demo I posted several years ago. They also have 2 albums available on Polí5 label.

DoMa Ensemble - Demo 2oo9

1. Létavice (Shooting Star)  7.51
2. Změna osvětlení (Change of Lighting)  6.58
3. K Andromedě (Towards Andromeda)  7.06
4. Půlnoční slunce (Midnight Sun)  4.36
5. Impro 261109  11.06
6. Sám v supermarketu (Alone in Supermarket)  3.54

Dorota Barová - cello, voice, looper
Marcel Bárta - saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion

Recorded in Prague, November 2009


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