27 December 2018

Byard Lancaster - Documentation. The End of a Decade

Jambrio 2002, CD 
first released on Bellows, 1981, LP

Byard Lancaster (flute, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone)
Joan Hansom (vocals)
David Eyges (cello)
Youseff Yancy (trumpet, flugelhorn, Theremin)
Michael Ray (trumpet)
Alfred Pollitt (electric piano)
Chucky Lee (drums)
Kino Speller (congas)
Edward Crockett (bass)
and more

1 - Rib Crib    6:20
2 - Mary Ann    3:29
3 - Philly Funk    4:31
4 - Sweetness    3:30
5 - Bird Eye Eye View of the World    2:47
6 - Blue Nature    8:23
7 - Imperial Police    3:39
8 - Crockett and I    7:13
9 - Brotherman    1:44

recorded at different venues with different groups in 1979


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Thanks so much for posting this! Nice recording of again, a very versatile Byard.

Also curious has anyone here known or listened to this very odd session (https://www.discogs.com/Vito-Ricci-Postones/release/2440033) that Byard was part in? Not only it was with Rashied Ali but also the leading man here is Vito Ricci. I can't be more interested in the music this trio provide.