22 July 2018

Pat Matshikiza - Sikiza Matshikiza - The Sun 1976

01 Sikiza Matshikiza
02 Datata (Auntie)
03 Dreams Are Wonderful
04 Durban Blues

-Pat Matshikiza: -piano, arranger, composer
-Kippie Moeketsi: alto saxophone
-Sipho Gumede: bass guitar
-Sandile Shange: guitar
-Duku Makasi: tenor saxophone
-George Tyefumani: trumpet
-Gilbert Mathews: drums

Recorded on September 27, 1976
The Sun Gl 1857
Thanks to our friend Olivier Ledure for providing the exact recording date.


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Thanks for sharing. Great to hear this album. It takes me back home.

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