17 July 2018


Dennis Phillips, alto saxophone (only tr.1)
Kippie Moeketsi, alto saxophone
Basil Coetzee, tenor saxophone
Pat Matshikiza, piano
Alec Khaoli, bass
Sipho Mabuse, drums

1. Tshona! 11:45
2. Stop & Start 5:13
3. Umgababa 11:19
4. Kippie's Prayer 3:42

Tracks 1 and 2 by Pat Matshikiza
Tracks 3 and 4 by Kippie Moeketsi

Recorded probably in 1975.

Originally on The Sun GL 1796 (1975)

This rip from the CD "Various – Jazz In Africa Volume Two"  (Camden, 1998)

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Barney Rachabane, tenor saxophone
Basil Coetzee, tenor saxophone
Duku Makasi, tenor saxophone
Tete Mbambisa, piano
Sipho Gumede, electric bass
Gilbert Mathews, drums

5. African Day  17:44

From the same CD as above.

The CD says it's a traditional theme, but the music/theme sounds very closely to Mbambisa's 'Stay Cool' from the LP "Tete's Big Sound", released 1988. So I'm inclined to credit this song to him.
This version seems to be previously unreleased.
But I'm in no way an expert on Jazz from SA - so I could be wrong....


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Nice groups of all stars, thanks.

correct silence said...

"African days" is coming from an unpublished session that Tete Mbambisa recorded almost in the same period as "Tete's big sounds". The complete session have been scheduled to be published almost 3 to 4 years ago by the label Jisa records but until now the project never saw the light of day. A new album of Tete Mbambisa have been briefly available in south Africa some month ago and at the same time "African Day" was again mentioned to be published but again nothing appeared. The track "African day" might be a composition by Tete Mbambisa but due to the fact that the cd "Jazz in Africa vol 2" is more or less a bootleg details of credits are intentionally not clear.

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Many thanks

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Thanks Ernst. I have this inn mp3 format.

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HEY, could we please get a re-upload of both the Pat Matshikiza albums. It'd be much appreciated, thanks

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Hi Thole, the link for this post is still working!
Also the link at https://inconstantsol.blogspot.com/2018/07/pat-matshikiza-sikiza-matshikiza-sun.html ist still good and is available.
So no need for a reup.

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Thank you, EGN! Glad the link is still working.