23 April 2018


Eugene Chadbourne, dobro, electric guitar, vocals
Franz Koglmann, flugelhorn
Walter Malli, soprano saxophone

Not good sound quality, but what else is out there?

Cassette Rip


Nick said...



Lucky said...

Lo-fi, schmo-fi - Chadbourne sure didn't gave a damn then, and so should we. Koglmann and Chadbourne together in the end of the 70's... makes me curious. And I'm very grateful to you for sharing it, Nick - I don't know anyone else who pulls items such as this out of the hat.

BT said...


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

There's another cassette released by EC with the same title but recorded later!?! But with the same line-up.

'Karlheinz' is most likely Karlheinz Hein - which is a bald guy as described by EC. He had a space in Munich called LOFT, located at the Friedensstrasse.
I've attended this place at a former industrial site only once in the 1980s when Johannes Bauer, Joe Sachse and Dietmar Diesner gave a very nice concert.
The discogs entry is somewhat misleading. The Loft was a concert space. Later Hein and Frei organised concerts at various locations. And they founded the Munich Jazz Festival which is known better as the 'Münchner Klavier Sommer'.
The Loft-Studio was founded later. And as I realise only now the bureau/contact is only a few hundreds meters from where I live. It seems it belongs solely to Manfred Frei.
But the small village were I live - called Gauting (one of the alleged places were Charlemagne should have been born - there are about three dozens "birthplaces" of him in Europe) was also the first location of the Siemens-Studio für elektronische Musik up to 1959.
We see - there is a connection between Eugene Chadbourne, the Franconian kingdom and the European origins of academic electronic music....

Thank you Nick.

Nick said...

Hi Ernst, 78-9 was the era of the concert and I am assuming 1991 was the year EC got the tape and put copies out.

correct silence said...

Considering your description I was expecting a worse sound than what it is... Not too bad. Chadbourne's playing is really out beside the almost melodic sound of Malli and Kogmann. This recording will demand me repeating listening. I have followed your suggestion about Geh' Langsam Durch Die Alten Gass'n, after checking some sound clips on itunes I found a physical copy on the second hand market.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Nick, yes your suggestion does make sense.
BTW - there's an video excerpt of the Sam Rivers Trio (w/ Dave Holland and Thurman Barker) live at the LOFT in Munich from 1979.