19 April 2018


A1.  Our Neighborhood
A2.  What Is Truth?
A3.  Theme From Alfred Hitchcock
A4.  Bernadette Gnossienes
A5.  The Law Is For The Protection Of The People
A6.  The Shephard
A7.  Jammin' With Gene
A8.  Cocaine For Children
A9.  Donovan Deutsch
A10. Once More With Feeling
A11. Godfather Waltz
A12. What Is Cocaine?
A13. Bitches Brew

B1.  Another Day Gone Lawman Wrong
B2.  Tommorow
B3.  Alfred Hitchcock, Bessie Smith's Godfather
B4.  Your Song Ruby Flintsones
B5.  Jammin' With Gene
B6.  The High Safeway
B7.  Godfather Theme
B8.  Chinese Soup

Tom Shephard, bass, electronics
Bob Jordan, booking agent
Murray Reams, drums, percussion
Doug Henderson, electric guitar
David Doyle, French horn, mandolin
Eugene Chadbourne, guitar
Lenny Kaye, pedal steel guitar
David Henderson, saxophone

Recorded on 15 November 1989.

Cassette Rip


Nick said...



Nick said...

1j = 1f !!

sotise said...


Lucky said...

Lovely - thanks for sharing this rare Chadbourne, Nick. Not much of his output is appearing in blogs these days. The description of the music on the cover reads like a blueprint for much what Zorn and Marclay did in the 80's and 90's, genre-hopping at hyperspeed. I'm curious what their spiritual father had in mind...

correct silence said...

Thank you Nick for the update on Herbie White Combo, I'm in a Nederland jazz mood actually. Thanks also for the Chadbourne. I have never entered successfully in his mood and style of music but I will try again with this recording. Thank you to give me this opportunity and who knows? perhaps I will finally find some connections with his music like it finally happened with A R Penck with the help of your preview post.

BT said...


Nick said...

Hi Lucky - but of course, Dr C keeps a lot of his concerts and out-of-print LPs and CDs available on CDr, in person from the House of Chadula - the link on the top right of Inconstant Sol is active. I think this tape was recorded by the CBC and he was bootlegging his own work at the time.

Nick said...

Thanks CS. I met my wife at a Shockabilly gig and went to see him play solo on our 10th anniversary, so he is a favourite of mine, but not for everyone. You might like The Great Jazz Chamber Country & Western Music Of Vienna, with Franz Koglman and Walter Malli, or some of the Insect & Western music, or the duos with Paul Lovens, if you're not into the rock and country.

correct silence said...

Thank you Nick for the suggestion, I will investigate "Insect and western party", already seen that there is one cd on Leo, but for The Great Jazz Chamber Country & Western Music Of Vienna, unfortunately it has obviously only been issued on cassette and I was even not able to find it on Chadbourne's official discography to check if it have been reissued on cdr. Pity because I would be very interested due to the presence of two austrian musicians coming from the Masters of Unorthodox Jazz and the Reform Art Unit, if one day you can post it would be great.

Nick said...

It's always worth emailing Eugene to see if he has something

correct silence said...

Done it, and will tell the result if others are interested.

correct silence said...

The result is that Dr Chadbourne haven't got the master for this recording and is searching for it, so it is difficult to imagine an official reissue in a near future. So Nick if you've got the tape that is obviously rare and if you want to post it, it will be welcome. Eugene recommended me Hot Burrito #2 with Walter Malli and Werner Dafeldecker, two fine Austrian musicians, it is out of print on the original version but he have reissued it.

Nick said...

There is also Geh' Langsam Durch Die Alten Gass'n, with Malli, Chadbourne, Sunny Murray and Peter Kowald, recorded at Kaleidophon, Ulrichsberg 1994. I have a tape, but it was later released on CD on PAO Records and might be available direct from Paul Zauner, if he has stock left, pz@pao.at.

correct silence said...

I will try Hot Burrito No 2 because the description by François Couture seems in relation with my taste and then I will certainly also follow your suggestion Nick.

uncle dapony said...

Hi, Nick, thank you so much! ;-)