28 January 2018

Henry Threadgill & Make A Move - Live In Warsaw -June 27, 1999

At the start of the century, Henry Threadgill’s compositions have reached a very high level. Two bands were the vehicles for those great compositions: Zooid who was exploring the acoustic and sometimes chamber side of jazz; Make a Move who was more in the electric and « rokish » mood.
This live show comes from the tour that Threadgill and crew did between the two albums the band made: « where’s your cup » and « everybodys mouth’s a book », the first one for columbia, the second for pi recordings. But the band on this set is the one who will record for pi recs except the drummer.

Brandon Roos: acoustic & electric guitar
Henry Threadgill: alto saxophone, flute & compositions
J T Lewis: drums
Stomu Takeishi: 5 strings fretless bass
Bryan Carrott: vibraphone

Live In Warsaw June 27, 1999

I have identified 2 of the 6 tracks of the program, so if some of you can add the others tracks… They may comes from the columbia album that I don’t own.

Records of Henry Threadgill available here:


correct silence said...


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softnucleus said...

Thanks a lot!

chrisc said...

Thank you very much correct silence. Henry Threadgill is great.

Mark said...

Henry Threadgill is an absolute master. His music played by others? Not so much. His musicians playing their own stuff? Not so much. His stuff gets me every time, it never gets tired. Henry Threadgill is an absolute master. (So true I said it twice...)

Thanks for posting this.

Jazzfan_nj said...

A very BIG thank you! The sound quality is just incredible - crystal clear and very well balanced, in fact so damn good it sounds like a studio rather than a live recording.

Scraps said...

As I said several times, Threadgill, personally, is my favorite living composer. My three jazz people over everyone else are Ellington, Mingus, Threadgill. I'm going to be distressed when he dies. There is not enough albums, legit & bootleg, by him, and I'm always looking. Thank you SO MUCH.

Luc Mosley said...

Love me some Threadgill!