11 October 2017

ART ENSEMBLE OF CHiCAGO - Urban Magic (1997)

This quartet concert (without Joseph Jarman) from 1997 was released with Italian Musica Jazz magazine in 3/2003 and also on AECO Records (AECO 0014, different cover, without date).

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Urban Magic (Musica Jazz 2003) 

1. Urban Magic (13:05)
2. Mama Wants You (10:30)
3. Dancer (3:32)
4. Chant (12:40)
5. Villa Tiamo (3:15)
6. Horn Web (6:05)
7. Odwalla (3:56)
8. Strawberry Mango (5:22)

Recorded on June 4, 1997 in Laroche-sur-Yon, France. 

Lester Bowie - trumpet, flugelhorn 
Roscoe Mitchell - saxes, flute, bamboo flute, piccolo, percussion 
Malachi Favors - bass, percussion
Famoudou Don Moye - drums, congas, gong, percussion 

TT 58:27

{Musica Jazz MJCD 1150, Italy 2003} 


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Fourcade said...

Hi there! Thx for this very interesting album.
But they've already deleted it in mega.
Any chance of a reup?
TIA whether possible or not.
Cheers Daniel, from Spain...

kinabalu said...

The other link is working, though. Downloading as I write. Oh and thanks for the AEC. There shall be more ...

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Mega upload have been deleted due to copyright infrigement, so I have to encrypt file name next time probably. Anyway, here is another link:


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Superb. Thank you.