15 September 2017

The Reform Art Unit - For John Coltrane And Pablo Picasso (Voves 1996)

The Reform Art Unit live at the Museum of 20th Century in Vienna, April 25, 1969. An instant composition in 3 movements by Fritz Novotny.

Fritz Novotny - Flute, Soprano Sax, Percussion
Muhammad Malli  - Drums
Sepp Mitterbauer - Piano, Trumpet
Toni Michlmayr - Double Bass

1 - For John Coltrane And Pablo Picasso: One         13:11
2 - For John Coltrane And Pablo Picasso: Two     16:15
3 - For John Coltrane And Pablo Picasso: Three     12:40

Bonus track: Human Closely
Reform Art Unit Extended, live at the Alte Schmiede in Vienna, 5 January 1995.
featuring Sunny Murray. An instant composition by Paul Fields, Karl W. Krbavac, Sunny Murray, Fritz Novotny

4 - Human Closely            29:14

Paul Fields - Violin, Alto Sax
Karl W. Krbavac - Viola Da Gamba
Sandro Miori - Tenor Sax
Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet
Sunny Murray - Drums
Fritz Novotny - Clarinet, Flute, Soprano Sax, Percussion
Mario Rechtern - Sopranino, Alto, Baritone Sax, Oboe, Selfmade Instruments
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - Double Bass
Helmut Schiefer - Percussion

"For John Coltrane and Pablo Picasso" was produced in 1969 as RAU 1002 but released here for the first time.

Voves Productions, Voves CD 90001
 A Reform Art Unit Production , RAU 1002
Austria, 1996


corvimax said...


Tantris said...

Thank you corvimax. The three pieces from 1969 are excellent, comparable to music you might find on 'Cosmic Music'. It's interesting to compare these against the piece from 26 years later.

I must find out more about the Reform Art Unit. Discogs looks like a good place to start, and the booklet for this CD also mentions several archive tapes, some dating back to 1969 & the early '70s; perhaps those will be released at some time.

wightdj said...

Appreciated, thanks.

correct silence said...

Unfortunately I don't think that we will have the chance to see some older material of the Reform Art Unit reissued. All along the years many recordings have been published, mostly in cdr and they are no more available. I'm in touch with some members of the band and suggested to reissue some music but nothing comes. I have heard about an lp that should have been published in september, a sort of compilation of recordings made during the 80's and previously published on tapes in a limited quantity, not very exciting in my opinion due to the fact that it is only a compilation.
But two recent recordings of some special incarnation of the R A U with Milo Fine are available here:
I only own the Edgar Alan Poe Suite and I really recommend it.

corvimax said...

correct silence, Improcomposer Opera seems out of reach, says available there but is not (after enquiring)
What happens with your mail adress? two messages came back undelivered

I dont despair about seeing some old RAU music available again

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corvimax said...

Tantris, you can find a complete list of RAU music here, until 2014

Tantris said...

Great - will do some digging. Thanks corvimax.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you, Corvimax. After reading the book of Andreas Felber "The Viennese Free-Jazz-Avantgarde: Revolution in the back room" I got the impression that this recording seemed especially interesting.

brian said...

i was waiting for that gem for a looooong time! Thanks!

Solomon said...

Thank you!

corvimax said...

this is remarkable:
the reformARTorchestra - Live at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria, 2018-02-05