12 August 2017


David UU & The Avalettes

A1.   Mountain Air
A2.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 1
A3.   The Celestial Summer Of Doctor Dog -- Resurrected
A4.   Dog Byte
A5.   Whale, In Memoriam John Coltrane
A6.   Stompin' At The Dada Ball
A7.   Bing's Cherry -- Take 2
A8.   Solar Mass
A9.   How I Wrote Certain Of My Books

The Avalettes

Phil Morgan, bass
Gregg Simpson, piano, percussion
Bob Coleman, vocals
Ingrid Harris, vocals
Patricia Garrett, vocals

David UU And Gregg Simpson

A10.  Zen Haul/Western Skies

David UU

B1.1. Variations On Themes 1
B1.2. Variations On Themes 2
B2.   Toronto
B3.   Song For A Beggar
B4.   Auditory Liturgy
B5.   How Can I Touch You Now …
B6.   Try A Little Tenderness
B7.   Songs For A City: 1
B8.1. Vercussion 1
B8.2. Vercussion 2
B9.    Auditory Two
B10.  Red Rose Red Rose …
B11.  Don't Give Up The Ship Ive Got The Oar …
B12.  For D.A. Levy
B13.  Corn Plasters & My Heart
B14.  Breaking Open …
B15.  Salmon River Soliloquy
B16.  Salmon River Soliloquy II
B17.  Portrait
B18.  Is There Blood On Your Finger Yes There Is …
B19.  Cloud Shit Hung Down Fold Over …
B20.  The Glory In The Heavens …
B21.  Rhyme
B22.  Chants From Tas:mania
B23.  Chant From Embalmination
B24.  Song Of Childhood (Memories Of The Baptist Church)

David UU, voice, vocals

Ed Varney, Ingrid Harris, vocals (B23)

Recorded at The Studio, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A1-7).
Tape compositions with 'live' content performed & composed at 136 West 1st Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1972 (A8-9).
Live at the Art Gallery of Ontario, 1973 (A10).
Recorded at 141 East 27 Street, North Vancouver, BC, 1983 (B1-24).
Except recorded at Mahon Street, North Vancouver, 1970 (B22).

Underwhich Audiographic Series – No. 18

Cassette Rip


Nick said...

Lossless, low-fi, 303MB of my life that I'll never get back



Dominic said...

It was worth it, I luv Gregg, and thank you Nick

Nick said...

I guess cheap bit-rate sarcasm don't always come over, but Dominic is right, this is worth a listen. Canadian hollering and Gregg Simpson, dadaist A-side silliness notwithstanding.

Solomon said...

Thank you!