18 June 2017


A1. Interpretation Of Dreams
A2. Time And Essence
A3. Chips And Hammers

B1. Chants Meeting
B3. Kohe Dances
B4. Mix Zoom Pan Cut

C1. Sounding The River
C2. Kamatsn

D1. Things Go
D2. Memory Bank

Al Mattes, guitar synthesizer, acoustic bass
John Kamevaar, synthesizer, pre-recorded sound
Michael Snow, piano, trumpet, siren
Nobuo Kubota, voice, cowbells, wind-controlled synthesizer, synthesizer
Paul Dutton, voice, harmonica

Recorded at The Music Gallery, Toronto, on 6 December 1989 (1A1-3), 11 October 1989 (1B1-4), 2 June 1990 (2A1), 26 September 1990 (2A2) and 10 October 1990 (2B1-2).

Music Gallery Editions ‎– MGE 90

Cassette Rip


Nick said...



Nick said...

in the news

orang lucky said...

Thanks for the music, and for the Rathnelly article - I care, too.

francisco santos said...


Sven said...

Wonderfull, thanks for this

Steve D said...

NINE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE megs for a bleepin' cassette tape? You're kidding right? An absolute WASTE of cloud storage. When it all "runs out,"don't blame anyone but yourself. Thanks for this but seriously, 320 suffices for any years old CASSETTE tape such as this dinosaur. Really. Believe me.

jerry weinstein said...

Danke, Nick!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for a digital version of this for a long time, and it's definitely worth 925 megs. Thanks a lot.

correct silence said...

Didn't know about this story of the republic of Rathnelly. I wonder if the same kind of collective movement could be possible actually? I have the feeling that the actual world eat the energy of citizen using different ways to do that and the result is that the few collective resistance is not going so long. Last year in France we organized a movement called "Stand Up at Night" to protest against certain low who were clearly against workers but this spontaneous meeting last for less than two month.
Regarding CCMC I'm more and more interested in this band and checking on Discogs I have the feeling that volume 4 could be interesting in the fact that it seems a pivotal record between before and after Larry Dubin's death. Interesting to notice that I discovered a musician almost 40 years after his death.
@Steve it is the first time that I see someone complain about the high quality lossless files, but why not! Let's post in 128 for the future.

Nick said...

Hi - I can post CCMC 4 and 5 in a while. The Mystery Tapes are mysteriously hard to find. It is hard to build cohesive national pressure groups. In the UK there was pressure to stop paid corporate lobbyists, so the government banned charities from "political" activity instead.

correct silence said...

I also have the feeling that individually people have not so much energy, I was too small to understand May 68 in France but I think that actually this kind of collective movement won't be possible. We complain but the next step seems difficult to reach.
You are welcome to post 4 and 5 from CCMC considering my recent interest to this band.