1 June 2017


No tracks here - only side A + B...

David Toop, electric guitar, flute, home-made-found stuff, cassette tapes, water, rubbish, noise, small explosives
Paul Burwell, percussion, 6-string harp, bamboo fiddle, bird decoys, whistle, rubbish, paper, water, etc

Side A (21:12)
A1     Stigmata     4:30
A2     Marks And Social Purpose     9:21
A3     Mud / Swifts / Din / Stench     5:13
A4     Concerning The Housing Situation In London     0:58

Side B (21:58)
B1     Cosmopolitan Order Of Birds     4:54
B2     The Experiment Of Olgas Hand     6:47
B3     Extasy Of A Bird Karma     2:37
B4     We Can Have A Good Time Without Snakes     4:31
B5     No Electricity     1:54

This record edited from tapes recorded at the London Musicians Collective, 42 Gloucester Avenue / concert evening of Saturday 30 June 1979.
Recorded on a Uher Stereo Report with 2 AKG S224 microphones.
Music improvised / one of many hundreds of performances given by this duo in the 10 years they have played together.

The parrot's long goodbye recorded London Zoo + whirled tape recorder with tape of Continamo Falls,
recorded Amazonas, 16 November 1978 by Toop and Figuera.

Quartz Publications !QUARTZ 003

(vinyl rip)


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nice one Ernst! Thanks!

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Thank you for this upload from a great under-rated UK label.
I've been looking for a few things on this imprint for a long time - especially the
Paul Burwell / David Toop ‎– Burwell/Toop cassette [Quartz-Mirliton Cassettes ‎– QMC 1] (1977) and a quality LP rip of -
Max Eastley / Steve Beresford / Paul Burwell / David Toop - Whirled Music ‎[QUARTZ 005] (1980)

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Great stuff, thanks Ernst!