19 May 2017


Jazz with harpsichord is not so famous, here is a fantastic and unknown album of French free jazz with a very special touch… Free and organized. The most famous name in the band is certainly Jouk Minor who have played with Leon Francioli or Pierre Favre.
-Drums, percussion, horns: Christian Lété
-Harpsichord: Odile Bailleux
-saxophone alto, oboe, english horn, flute: Jean Querlier
-Soprano, baritone saxophone, picolo flute, clarinet, gumbri, contrabass: Jouk Minor
-trombone: Joseph Traindl

A1 Deuxième Jour
a El Cerreno
b Sur Lerre
c La Gomme Arabique
a1d Passe Océan
a1e Ahora

A2 Premier Jour
a Ile De Pâques
b Le Manoir De Mes Rêves
c Gumbri Pitch

B Troisième Jour
a Ecolong
b Wings
c Mercurio
d Contact
e Ecolong
f La Colophane Des Moujiks
g Bollets Acides
h Ile De Pâques
i Pour L’Heure

recorded on June 14, 15, 16, 1977

L’éléctrobande ELB 7701 lp rip


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Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Great choice! Shall come back after listening to the music.
BTW - the guy on trombone is Joseph Traindl not "Joseph Traimbl". He played with the Reform Art Unit and Athanor.

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thanks, but something went wrong with the scans. they're tiny and illegible.

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scan comes from discogs because I have nothing to scan correctly the covers.

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Some good scans for this issue can be found here:

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Very nice surprise, correct silence. Thank you.

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Looks interesting - many thanks.

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