5 May 2017

Acting Seven - Clan Music Overdrive (Babel)

Here is the cd version of this curious and great album that contains two performances by two different bands with the same background. Almost all of the musicians comes from the Austrian avant garde music scene that is famous under names like Reform Art Unit, Three Motions or Masters Of unorthodox Jazz.
The two first tracks are credited to « Acting Seven » and the two last are from « Clan Music Overdrive ». This second band have recorded another album kindly shared by Corvimax here:
01. Babel 02. Jazz For Thinkers 03. Jackie 04. Clan Music Overdrive
Acting Seven:
Bass: Attila Lörinszky
Percussions: Walter Schiefer
Percussions/Reeds: Fritz Novotny
Piano: Giselher Smekal
Trumpet: Sepp Mitterbauer
Violin: Mia Zabelka
Voice: Othmar Zechyr

Clan Music Overdrive:
Bass/Electric Bass: Reynhard Ziegerhofer
Clarinet, Soprano Sax, Sheng: Fritz Novotny
Drums: Christian Salfellner
Drums: Walter Schiefer
Keyboards: Paul Fields
Saxophone Tenor & Soprano: Gerhard Fritsch
Saxophone Tenor: Sandro Miori

cd rip, longer than the lp version : KKM 1016-2


correct silence said...


Anonymous said...

@ correct silence , excellent upload , great music, a thousand of thanks....
@ Ernst Grgo Nebhuth or Corvimax , i consider it's time to reupload - if you have enough time of course- "the clan - music overdrive" ... link is dead.
thank you very much for great music sharing.
Alex in Solex

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Hi Correct Silence. Welcome on board of the IS.
And thank you for your first post - and the music.

brian said...

great and unexpected post! thanks! keep posting!

correct silence said...

@Alex in Solex, a promised... it is your request who inspired me this post so thank also for your request.
@Ernst Inconstant Sol brought me so many vibrant and spiritual music, it was time to bring something in return.

francisco santos said...

keep them coming, brother, most appreciated...

Andy said...

Sorry..am I the only one having trouble downloading this?

corvimax said...

hello and thanks for the upgrade, I know this music only in a shady 128.
Andy, the link is good to me, coming smoothly.
Alex, Music Overdrive is coming

corvimax said...

new link for The Clan - Music Overdrive

also at the post

I still can't use the NEW LINK FOR OLD POST

soon a new Reform Art album

Anonymous said...

@corvimax thanks for the new link for The Clan - Music Overdrive...
i'll stay tuned for another one RAU album.
thank you very much.
best regards
Alex in Solex

a link for Andreas Felber
Die Wiener Free-Jazz-Avantgarde: Revolution im Hinterzimmer
It's still available so if you believe that link in comment is unfair , simply delete it.

correct silence said...

Hi Corvimax.
Thank in advance for the up coming Reform Art Unit that you will post. This afternoon I was listening to Grimm's Fairy Tales by the Reform Art Music, a fantastic record and a music of pure beauty, the collective is still active but unfortunately their records have not real distribution. It seems that Fritz Novotny is the only one who provide the records, if someone have his contact and could share it would be great.

corvimax said...

correct silence, I once contacted but I cant find his mail adress, while looking for reform art music I was directed at the following adresses:
a music shop in Vienna

Milo Fine

Philippe Renaud
Improjazz [improjazz@wanadoo.fr]

at all the three adresses is better to inquiry directly, since they have more then listed at their websites. good luck in your search, is really a hard one.

another link for RAU: http://www.advancedpoetx.com/RAU/

kingpossum said...

Marvelous. Thanks and blessings for the post.