13 April 2017


A1. Impressions
A2. Double Three

B.  Trio ACW

Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone
Heinz Jäger, bass
Fritz Novotny, arabian flute, clarinet
Muhammad Malli, soprano saxophone, drums
Walter Schiefer, drums, percussion
Paul Fickl, tenor saxophone, electric piano, violin
Clifford Thornton, trumpet

Recorded live at the "First International Music Workshop", Krems, on 30 September 1978

Kovarik's Musikothek ‎– R.A.U. 1010

LP Rip


Nick said...



Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you very much, Nick. Years ago I had the CD version of this recording.
I gave it away - and what's best I don't know why....
Glad to have it again.

correct silence said...

well Nick if you are in the mood of posting some music from the Reform Art Unit and co, collective I can only say : go on!
In the first minute of "impressions" I was not sure that the meeting between Braxton and Three Motions could work very well but quickly I changed my mind. The two drummers provide a solid ground for Braxton and when Novotny comes with his exotic flute, it's a perfect suite. The second track is also a very good composition and the collective is perfect. Even the third track is in the mood of the more oriented contemporary/chamber side of this fantastic Austrian collective of musicians.
Unfortunately it is not easy to get some music of this band but even those last years they continue to play and record, "Pannonian suite" one of their recent work is great. Thank you Nick for this share.

Anonymous said...

any chance for a FLAC - i have it in 128 terrible sounding archive- rip of great "Acting Seven / Clan Music Overdrive ‎– Babel" , please? thank you very much for great music uploading. Alex in Solex

francisco santos said...


Solomon said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

looks tasty! thanks!

corvimax said...

a very welcome upgrade

correct silence said...

@Alex in Solex
I will post acting seven Clan music overdrive, but be patient because I'm new as a contributor and for my first post it is Ernst who took care of the business. I will try to do it myself for the next one. Will be out until May so it will come when I return. I discovered one of your older post Halki's collective, very interesting.

Anonymous said...

@ correct silence , thank you for your offer , i'll stay tuned...
Alex in Solex
PS i am pretty surprised that you mention Halki's collective tape upload or LP as well.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Why surprised Alex. You sent me the rips about three years ago!

Anonymous said...

@ Ernst Grgo Nebhuth
the surprise was for "correct silence"'s delving deep in IS' depths (so many D letters in a phrase) , so to find this obscure upload. hats off to him.
my contributions isn't so numerous to forget 'em...