18 April 2017

Ensemble Heute - Homage to Bela Bartok and John Cage (granit 2001)

from the usual people of Reform Art, but here completely different music from what I'v heard from them until now.
the title says  it all

Paul Field - violin
Margarete Jungen - mezzosoprano
Karl Wilhelm Krbavac - viola da gamba
Sepp Mitterbauer - trumpet
Fritz Novotny - glockenspiel, gongs, flute, soprano sax
Giselher Smekal - piano
Monika Stadler - harp

1. Pierrot Songs (Smekal)
2. Bela (Novotny)
3. John (Fields, Novotny)
4. Ovid (Fields, Novotny)

recorded between december 2000 and june 2001

Granit record, CD
GR 2001-0-05


corvimax said...


timmo said...

Thanks corvimax. Bartok = genius, Cage = fraud!

Lucky said...

Thanks corvimax.

@timmo: if fraud is able to sound like the prepared piano works of John Cage (played by Maro Ajemian, f.e.), I'm a big fraud admirer (P. S.: my son is named after Bartók's first name).

timmo said...

Say hello to little Bela for me. Cage is still a fraud.

francisco santos said...