7 March 2017


Three weeks ago I got the new Zeitkratzer. They play tunes from the two first Karftwerk LPs.
For whatever reason Kraftwerk never approved an official reissue of these recording.
After listening to the Zeitkratzer LP I wanted to hear the original again after many years.
Here's a link to the release I'm referring to.
And here you can download an unissued Zeitkratzer from 2002.

Florian Schneider-Esleben, flute, violin, electric percussion
Ralf Hütter, organ, tubon
Andreas Hohmann, drums (A1, A2)
Klaus Dinger, drums (B2)

A1. Ruckzuck     7:49
A2. Stratovarius     12:07
B1. Megaherz     9:31
B2. Vom Himmel Hoch     9:59

Recorded & remixed July-September 1970.

Philips 6305 058 (late autumn 1970)

(vinyl rip)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


francisco santos said...

not my peace of cake but i'll grab it the same...

alfred venison said...

my kind of cake, thanks very much. -cheers, a.v.

rev.b said...

I've heard that Ralk and Florian don't consider their first three albums valid examples of the band and have no interest in seeing reissued. I can see their point in relation the what came afterwards, but I also think it's a pity since I enjoy the first three very much.

francisco santos said...

never imagine that this album was so different from what they became...
BIG THX, again!...

Reimer said...

My fave Kraftwerk date, though very unrepresentative of them. I think of Wolfgang Dauner's 'Output' as a parallel work to this, but arriving via Jazz rather than Ralf & Florian's avant-Rock. Ultimately Hutter turned into one of the world's jailers with a travelling cabaret made with, and about, the high-tech shite we've already got more than enough of, thanks.