31 January 2017


Had this recording on a hd since at least six years - most probably I got it from the contributions section or from Dime.

After the comments from plosin and andycher I checked the files and changed the indexes accordingly.
Below is my solution to the "problem". Probably still not correct but at leat better than before.
Plus I've removed manually a few digital artifacts.

Jan Garbarek, tenor & soprano saxophone, flute
Arild Andersen, bass
Edvard Vesala, drums

01. Rim  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala) 20:31
02. A.I.R.  (C.Bley) 7:35
03. Triptykon  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala) 13:27
04. Bruremarsj  (trad.) 1:16

Recorded on June 6, 1973 in Kirchheim, Germany (venue unknown)

Here's an alternate track-listing:

01. Rim  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala)
02. A.I.R.  (C.Bley)
03. J.E.V. (or A.I.R.)  (Garbarek/Andersen/Vesala)
04. Bruremarsj  (trad.)


Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...
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wightdj said...

Good choice, I tend to forget how much I enjoy his playing, just finished a weekend with several of the sessions offered on Musica degradata. Thanks.

francisco santos said...


James Manion said...

Thank you Ernst!

plosin said...

Thank you for sharing this, Ernst. I think the indexes are wrong, however. What I hear is

Rim (20:30)
A.I.R. (7:40)
Triptykon (12:28)
Bruremarsj (1:58)

andycher said...

A.I.R. is track 3

Alan Burns said...

many many thanks for this! Jan at his most vital!

Colin Green said...

Not quite so vital. The download link appears to have gone!

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

It will be reborn very soon with new tracklisting....

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...


Colin Green said...

Many thanks. This trio was one of Garbarek's best groups.

apf said...

Thank you!

Wallofsound said...


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