11 January 2017

FRANZ KOGLMANN - The Use Of Memory (1991)

Franz Koglmann ~ The Use Of Memory ~ Hat Hut Records 1991

1. Chateau De Bouges 9:39
2. For Max 4:33
3. The Use Of Memory: Bix, Miles And Chet 7:39
4. Das Ratsel Eines Tages 6:54
5. Der Vogel 10:12
6. Uccello 6:26
7. Monoblue 6:21
8. Die Kuhle, Der Duft, Der Glanz 6:16
9. Constantin's Dream 6:29

Franz Koglmann Pipetet:

Mario Arcari: oboe & english horn
Martin Schelling: clarinet & bass clarinet
Tony Coe: clarinet, bassclarinet & tenor saxophone
Roberto Ottaviano: soprano- & sopranino saxophone
Guillermo Gregorio: alto saxophone
Franz Koglmann: flugelhorn
Jean-Christophe Mastnak: french horn
Radu Malfatti: trombone
Raoul Herget: tuba
Burkhard Stangl: guitar
Robert M. Weiss: piano
Klaus Koch: bass
Fritz Hauser: drums

Conducted by Gustav Bauer

1. dedicated to Alain Resnais
2. dedicated to Max Aichinger
3. quoting from Miles Davis' 'Tune Up', passages from an improvisation by Chet Baker on 'Tune Up' and Larry Shields' 'Clarinet Marmelade'
4. inspired by Giorgio de Chirico
5. dedicated to Jean Cocteau
7. dedicated to Yves Klein
8. hommage a Franz Schubert, dedicated to Ingrid Karl
9. inspired by Piero della Francesca

All compositions by Franz Koglmann

Hat Hut Records hat ART CD 6078


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