30 December 2016

Eijiro Nakagawa Quartet ~ Hisatsugu Suzuki Quartet ~ Toshio Osumi Trio ~ NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 2014

Three sessions from two quartets and a trio, from 2014, with a mixture of standards and original material.

Eijiro Nakagawa Quartet - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 23 June 2014 (54:59)

C Jam Blues (Ellington)
Boot City
Focal Point
Heaven’s Kitchen
Next Page
Samba de Rio

Eijiro Nakagawa - trombone
Masaki Hayashi - piano
Yuji Yajima - electric bass
Tappi Iwase - drums

Hisatsugu Suzuki Quartet - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 5 June 2014 (53:59)

Little Girl Blue (Richard Rogers)
I Should Care (Sammy Cahn)
In Love In the Rain
Waltz of August
Four Brothers

Suzuki Hisatsugu - Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone
Yuya Wakai - piano
Yasuhiko Sato - bass
Dairiki Hara - drums

Toshio Osumi Trio - NHK Fureai Hall, Tokyo; 28 August 2014 (27:26)

Speak Low
The Look of Love
You Don’t Know What Love Is
A Hard Day’s Night

Toshi Yuki Sakane - piano (Speak Low, The Look of Love)
Hakuri Kim - piano (You Don’t Know What Love Is)
Hiromu Aoki - piano (A Hard Day’s Night)
Yutaka Yokoyama - bass
Toshio Osumi - drums

Broadcast on France Musique on 16 September 2015; the radio commentary is included as it includes set dates and set list and band member details. Apologies in advance for any misspelling of names - all corrections appreciated.

I hope you enjoy this, and best wishes for 2017 to everyone.


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Jorge Alberto Mussuto said...

thanks you a lot my friend, happy new year 2017

armando said...

Very appreciated, Tantris. I´ve had problems decompressing the last two zip files. I´ve tried it twice and the same problem persist; is it just on my side?
In any case, thanks a lot to you and to all the posters here for the beauties you´re sharing. We must support musicians whenever or however we could.
I wish Inconstant sol a Happy 2017!!

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Hello armando - I''ve checked the files and they look OK to me - let me know if the problem persists.

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OK, here are the last two tracks (the Toshio Osumi trio #6, and the radio outro #7), in a new rar file;

TO3 plus outro

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Hi, I have tried this with two different unzip programs. They both refuse to finish the set, saying that file part 10 is incomplete and file part 11 is missing (according to the header inside file 1). I've re-downloaded #10 several times, but still no luck. Could you please check again, or generate another set? Thanks!

Tantris said...

OK, try this alternative;