2 November 2016

The Clan - Music Overdrive (Granit 1988)

Paul Fields - Keyboards, Violin
Sepp Mitterbauer - Trumpet
Fritz Novotny - Reeds, Percussion
Christian Salfellner - Drums
Reinhard Ziegerhofer - Bass

A1 - Next Movie         6:06
A2 - Dance Of The Bear     3:23
A3 - Clearness         5:06
A4 - Pannonia Feeling         7:22
B1 - Neo Bop         4:30
B2 - Cool Down         6:40
B3 - Samurai         3:34
B4 - Clan Fun         4:20
B5 - Quarter Chords         3:53

recorded in July 1988, at Soundfield Studio, Harmannsdorf, Lower Austria

Granit Records, 89106
Austria, 1988


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Ben said...

Thank-you very much

nod said...

A very particular and interesting album and a spotlight on the Austrian music scene that is unfortunately not so popular in our community.

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth said...

Thank you very much, Corvimax. This share is especially appreciated.
Several month ago I read the book "Die Wiener Free-Jazz-Avantgarde - Revolution im Hinterzimmer" by Andreas Felber.
It is the only but a very comprehensive book about the Reform Art Unit and its many offsprings but also about the Masters of Unorthodox Jazz (plus a bit about Kogelmann).
Unfortunately most of their music isn't so easy to get hold of.
According the book the recording date/location is as follows: July 1988, Soundfield Studio, Harmannsdorf / NÖ (NÖ > (Lower Austria).
Thanks again!

corvimax said...

I become much interested in RAU music recently, unfortunately I dont know german, so my only reference are http://www.advancedpoetx.com/RAU/rau00i.html and some Milo Fine writing at http://milofine.com/ (the latter also for buyng some of RAU most recent albums)
with the hope that Fritz Novotny one day decide of making their music more widely known
and thanks for the date/location note

Nod said...

yes it is a truly interesting collective and this post is a very suitable addition to the Vienna Jazz Avant garde and the Ensemble Fields Karner Klaffenbock posted here before. Many thanks. More Coming?

Tantris said...

Listening with interest. Thanks, corvimax.

corvimax said...

new link:

I started using mediafire again because links never dies, or so it looks, even for a free user